Anna Nicole Smith by Michelle Arbeau

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Lucky Number Predictions for Anna Nicole Smith

  • 4
  • 5
  • 23

There were two ways we could have looked at Anna Nicole Smith this week. One would have been, who would she be now? The other was from the standpoint of who she was at the time of her death. It was far more intriguing to examine her life just prior to her death in order to understand more of why it may have occurred to her at such a young age and when it did.

We know from media sources that Anna had been struggling to move beyond her son’s death but simply couldn’t let go of it all. It strained her to the point that she was placed on medications and was often in seclusion to deal with her emotions in private. Some psychics (such as the famous Sylvia Brown, who has passed away) say we have “exit” points in our life that we can choose to take or not. If I ever believed in such a thing, it would be in Anna’s case.

Her Life Path Number was the confident, assertive, independent, and wise 8 but it was the 35 before reducing to 8 (3+5=8). This particular combo of the 8, struggled with a sense of self-doubt and self-criticism with the “bipolar” 3 leading the way in this case. The 5 in the weaker position would often bring out the negative traits in itself which were often moodiness, erratic emotions and behavior, controlling actions and carelessness. Anna could easily flip between the worlds of the 3 and 5 easily while being the 8 in addition to that.

The 8 almost always has a tumultuous love life. That’s usually a given. Not all but most struggle with a subconscious desire to guard their independence at all costs. They may not quite understand it themselves but when a relationship gets too intense and/or smothering, they keep people at arm’s length as a protective measure.

Interestingly, Anna Nicole Smith was not only in a Personal Year of 4 (the theme of her year) which is all about pruning or getting rid of people, places, things that no longer fit in your life any longer. To top it off, her outer, longer (9-year) Peak Cycle was a 6, which was solely focused on relationship issues, particularly starting, ending, changing them.

This could definitely be looked at as an “exit” point because, despite her best efforts to come to terms with the death of her beloved son, she simply could not. Her life took a tragic spiral downward for various reasons all at once and it could very well be the case that Anna took an “exit” point to end her life and thus end her suffering. Of course, this is a theory based on both her Astrology and Numerology charts but you have to admit, it’s a damn good theory.

Similarly, to Marilyn Monroe, we may never truly know what happened to Anna and why but like Marilyn, the writing was on the wall that they were given and “out” and quite possibly took it. Maybe someday we’ll get the full story somehow but for now, we can only speculate and deduct scientifically through the numbers what we believe to be a strong possibility of the cause of her short life of only 39 years.

Happy Birthday, Anna!