Capricorn Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions May 27th to June 2nd 2018

  • 7
  • 57

Another week of wide-open vulnerability isn’t a desirable thing to you but thankfully, you’re not the hypersensitive Scorpio. To get through another round of this mushy stuff, you’re cutting it down to a very practical approach. Consider it a mindset of, “Well I have to do it, so I might as well get it down now.” You’re pulling up your sleeves and getting elbow-deep.

You’re on a mission to learn that lesson so you can move beyond these touchy days. You have a much easier time separating work that has to be done and not letting your emotions infiltrate your plans. It’s easier for you to separate the two (work and emotions). For a Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces, emotions are embedded into every aspect of their lives, so it’s difficult for them to detach (most can’t).

The highlight of the week is that there is a strong emphasis on communication, new beginnings (1) and high change (9), but contemplated change. All in all, you’ll navigate the week very well, even despite the injection of the sense of distrust that will pop out on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. You have no qualms dealing with distrustfulness (or insecurity, as you see it) atmospheres.

You’re locked and loaded, ready to hit the ground running this week, solely for the purpose of moving beyond it, as you don’t feel the realm of emotional waters is really your deal, anyway.

It’s like chores, this week, go get it done, Capricorn. (Best Days 29, 31).

Your lucky numbers are just what we’re talking about, Capricorn. Each of your lucky numbers has either an element or potential element of distrust or skepticism. The pure 7 is gratefully more often focused on the contemplation, as the deep, philosophical number of truth, than it is on any kind of distrust. You’ll likely find the single 7 is your ally, while the 57 your menace.

The vulnerable, compassionate, loving, heart and emotion-centered 5 is followed up by the distrusting or skeptical 7 (in the weaker position). It doesn’t take much to upset the unpredictability of the emotionally driven 5. It’s organized chaos, at best, typically. This distrustfully-slanted 7 could turn the 5 into a controlling, fearful, emotionally volatile 5, that could really shift your week from a planned out strategic job to accomplish, to a maze of hurdles, bumps, forks, potholes andloopsin the road.

Avoid this at all costs. Capricorn, you’re not highly skilled in the art of calming down an emotionally charged and out of control soul plane number. Way too much sensitivity for you. You’ll pass on that one, for sure.

Keep your eye on that 57, for signs of coming undone.