Capricorn Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions April 22nd to April 28th 2018

  • 6
  • 73

You’re not emotional like Scorpio (as much) and rely more on your practicality to rationalize everything. Sorry to say, Capi, but this week doesn’t have room for rationalization. You’ve got to “unlock” your heart and be vulnerable. I know that probably just gave you uncomfortable chills, but there will be more and more times of this vulnerability, so you might as well get used to it, sooner rather than later.

You’re going to spend the first day of the week, getting something enormous off your chest that’s been eating at you. It’s more of a confession of sorts, actually. It’s not necessarily going to be the most comfortable conversation with that someone, but you’ll feel a lot lighter (and a bit guilty for a bit) afterward.

After your day of “recovery” and “rejuvenation” (pure 20/2 day to follow), you switch gears and find yourself mid-week focusing more on tweaking, understanding further and executing your path/purpose timeline and mode of action.

It’s a bit of a break before you spend the remaining two days, thrown back into the lion’s den with a strong emphasis on gleaning a major truth from a relationship. It’s an ah-ha moment, that’s your hint, Capricorn.

Just brace yourself for the worst but hope for the best. (Best Days 23, 26, 28).

The 6 is the number of creativity and creative expression but it’s also, as you know, the relationship number as well. It will help you gain a broader vision of things but likely your line of sight is on relationships in general or one in particular.

The 73 is key for you to dig deeper for the truth (7) and to process it through the analytical, logical and gateway number to the mind plane (3). The mind isn’t necessarily the best tool for this but being a Capricorn, that’s your go-to area. It won’t take you long to realize you have to involve the heart and emotions on this one, though.

It can’t be just the mind left to figure it all out, it’s too large a situation for you and involves matters of the heart (relationships).