Capricorn Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions May 20th to May 26th 2018

  • 4
  • 27

You’re not the most lovey-dovey of the zodiac but you have your moments of vulnerability.

The month of May is particularly hard on you because it puts you in a weaker, more open position and that doesn’t make you feel like the strong, sturdy, Capricorn you normally are. It’s your protection mode or defensive position, just in case.

This week, you’ve got zero “walls” up and it feels icky and uncomfortable. You’re not right in your own skin but you know that the tasks for the week require you to be this way, so you understand, at least (but it doesn’t make it much easier to cope with). You’ve sort of got a “Leo pride” thing goin’ on because it’s often difficult for you to come clean about your feelings and emotions, especially to those closest to you.

You’re in luck though, Capricorn, because this week isn’t about sharing your vulnerable side with others, it’s mainly a 7-day window of self-exploration – discovering the in’s and outs of how you operate on all levels (mind, body, soul). Some of the findings you’ll unearth are quite startling and unexpected. You rarely get to see yourself from the other person’s perspective and you had no idea how you respond or behave sometimes – your tone of voice, body language, choice of verbiage and even, sometimes demeaning overall expression toward those closest to you. It is a bit shocking for you, Capi, to say the least.

So much so that you’re dead set against changing your ways, immediately. You’re embarrassed, actually. This week is a turning point, a huge one for you. Now that you’re aware, there’s no turning back. You have to change and that’s that. We’re definitely happy about it, that’s for sure. You’ll be much happier, too, Capi. Wait and see.

It's like "Extreme Makeover: Soul Edition." (Best Days 22, 24, 25).

The 4 is your kind of number, practical, logical, grounded, stable, solid, loyal, honest and reliable. It’s also the “bridge” energy that illuminates the step by step pathway to take. In a way, that’s who you are and what you stand for but you don’t always come across that way on the outside.

This is your chance to make the inside match the outside, finally. How exciting is that? You’re often misunderstood, but not for long. The 27 is very symbolic this week because it’s a number that represents the need to develop an inner sense of self-trust (7 in weaker position), which is truthfully what you need to do.

The 27 is led by the intuitive number (2) so it will guide you toward all the necessary people, places and things to accomplish the strength that comes with developing a strong sense of self-trust.

With that kind of trust, anything is truly possible, darling.