Aries Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions April 22nd to April 28th 2018

  • 28
  • 76

Aries, at first, being grounded like an airplane on the tarmac, you were struggling so much with feeling “claustrophobic” and wanting to escape, like a trapped animal. Since those first days/weeks, you’ve done a 180-degree shift. Your sense of peace is much greater and you can actually experience a good deal of your time at ease now.

That’s something of an accomplishment, that’s for sure. Aries, as the number 1, the trailblazer, pioneer, success and action/achievement-driven sign, you felt before that you couldn’t accomplish things properly unless you were airborne (as an air sign). Now, the biggest takeaway lesson for you is that you can adapt, and significantly. You can’t get any more opposite than coming from a place of soaring through the “skies” to your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Although completely out of your comfort zone at first, it’s come to be secondary to you and you can now switch between planes without the immense discomfort and anxiety you had before (it was of the unknown and now you know). Like Taurus, you’re probably right up there for the award ofmost change in the shortest amount of time. You both have been astonishing. Honestly, we didn’t think you could do it but look at you now.

This week is like your pride walk, to show us all how flexible and adaptable you truly are. Since this week is a classic week of showcasing all the lessons you’ve learned, it’s ideal for you to strut your stuff, Aries.

Show us how it’s done, darling. You deserve to flaunt it. (Best Days 22, 25, 28).

The 28 is a tricky little bugger. It’s got the docile, passive 2 in the head position but the 8 is behind it with its wise, knowledge-bearing, pillar of strength 8. It’s like nitro to the subdued 2 and can sometimes be a bit too much strength and power. Essentially, they can be opposing energies and the 2 can get a bit crazy (aka codependent, dualistic) and the 8 has to firmly reel it back in.

Aries, be cautious and conscious of the signs this could be happening because it could bring up some lingering anxiety and antsy energy you may still have, and you don’t want that when you’ve come so far.

The 76 is the contemplative, deep, philosophical number of truth. It seeks to show/reveal the truth in all forms. The best part is that the 6 behind it can lend the 7 the gift of the visionary (6 is the creative visionary) to allow you to see the broad scope view of the whole picture. This can further assist you in feeling more and more comfortable in your own skin because the more you understand the process, the more at ease you are, Aries.

As the sign of the 1, it’s a combo number of communication, but also forging a new path and you don’t want to do that completely blind. Understanding will go a long way for you, Aries, when you’re still in somewhat “foreign territory (physical plane).