Aries Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions May 20th to May 26th 2018

  • 15
  • 24

Aries, we know you love to be sky-high, sailing above the world (so to speak) as somewhat of the gatekeeper or watch guard of the zodiac. However, you miss out on so many “details” from your faraway position, that you’re like someone only hearing parts of a message and trying to make sense of it.

This week, you’ll get a total “review” of the aspects of your life and highlight the areas that need to be rectified, immediately. You’ve literally been out of the loop so long, you missed very important milestones and points about other signs that are critical to understanding the evolution of each of your fellow zodiac signs.

Get caught up asap so you’re not completely on the wrong page anymore. This can lead to many misunderstandings, miscommunications and unnecessary arguments over not knowing all the pieces of the pie. (Best Days 23, 26).

The 15 is telling you a few things. Firstly, communication, proper communication (1) with compassion, understanding from a heart-centered place (5) as it all relates to relationship (1+5=6) dynamics. Proper relationship communication is required in order to be sure each person is heard completely and each party is fully aware and understands what they’re saying (and why).

We know you didn’t do this on purpose, Aries, it was just a consequence of the whole situation as it was. Time to shift gears, Aries.

The 24, likewise, is also a nudge about relationship changes on the horizon. The intuitive 2 leads the practical 4, which breaks down everything into chewable, workable, segments and both add to form the relationship number (2+4=6).

There you have it, Aries. That’s your week in a nutshell.

Relationships, relationships, relationships.