Aries Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions May 27th to June 2nd 2018

  • 34
  • 78

Sorry, Aries, but at least half of this week is going to keep you grounded. It’s not that you’re not used to it, it just means you don’t have to like it (and you don’t). You also know that harder lessons usually involve sacrifice, loss, and/or hardship, so you know that those are often the emotionally charged lessons in particular.

If I could sum up the theme of this week for you, Aries, it would be communication (self-expression) of your feelings. I can almost see you cringing when you read that last sentence. It’s a nightmare week for an Aries. Remember though, perspective is everything. You can look at it as a torturous week or you can see it as an opportunity to learn (maybe the harder, more painful way) new lessons through the lens of the heart and emotions. Since this isn’t your normal “resting place”, take it as a blessing that you’ve been given this week.

Life is most enjoyable for you, Aries, when you’re living in the moment, flying by the seat of your pants, have the guts to just say it or go for it. This week is an excellent reminder of this, for you. Pay attention because it’s a major message or reassurance that your personal power is nearly at full flow again.

You’ve reclaimed most of the pieces you’ve either given away or was taken from you. (Best Days 30, 01).

The 34, is overall, a positive pair (3 and 4). In fact, the 4 in the inner or weaker position, gives way to impatience and wanting your cake to eat it too, right now. This will actually keep the 3 on track and focus on the tasks at hand. It can be easy for the happy-go-lucky, social butterfly 3 to become easily distracted and sidetracked. No time for that this week.

There’s a lot of lessons wrapped up into this week. No time for sidetracking.

The 78 is leading with the “leap before thinking” number 7 and backed up by the knowledge-bearer 8 (the assertive, doubtless, independent, wise, leader and number of knowledge). This particular combination is right up your alley, Aries. You’re always game for leaping, but to have the doubtless wisdom of the strong 8 behind that “jump and the net will appear” 7 is almost a guarantee that you’ll be successful in your leap into the unknown.

The 8 has you covered with its doubtless wisdom and can’t steer you wrong.