Aries Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions June 17th to June 23rd 2018

  • 7
  • 46

The time has come for you not to be grounded any longer. I know, you’re in disbelief (we are, too), but the action is finally catching up with all the sensitive stuff you’ve been “grounded” and working on for so long. Hard work pays off, Aries. You know that.

It was a long hall and you almost lost sight of that fact, because it felt like it was going to go on forever. The light at the end of the tunnel is finally visible for the first time in what seems like a lifetime. It was all worth it though, wasn’t it, Aries?

You’re finally sporting a smile for the first time in a long time. It looks great on you and we’re ecstatic about it because in all honesty, of all the signs in the zodiac, you probably suffered most of all or it was hardest on you to navigate and keep moving forward when all you wanted to do was throw in the towel (many times).

Good work, Aries. You’re our hero. (Best Days 17, 19, 22).

The truth shall set you free and it just happens to be your first lucky number of the week – the 7 (truth-seeker). How appropriate that you’d get this number on this particular week because it was, in fact, the truth that got you through this obstacle course that kept you grounded for so long, way out of your element (an air sign).

The 46 is even better still because it’s almost like a “thank-you” from the universe and is symbolic of your journey these past many weeks. The practical, solid, stable, foundational, grounded 4 followed by the “sky’s the limit”, creative and visionary (see the grand scheme or picture) 6 both add to a 10, symbolizing the joining of heaven (0) and earth (1).

In a way, it’s really saying that you’ve become more of a whole being because instead of being always the “airborne” creature, you’ve now mastered the tools to navigate both realms with much more ease than ever before. That’s a huge milestone, Aries – HUGE. Frankly, you were the last sign we would have expected to expand your horizons and show such enormous growth.

Not that we didn’t think you could, it was just that we all know you’re blissfully happy in the “air”, than anywhere else. Times sure do change, don’t they, Aries?

Bravo, darling, bravo. Take a bow, please!