Aquarius Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions May 20th to May 26th 2018

  • 14
  • 39

The world just wouldn’t be the same without the presence of the new, improved (super-duper improved!), Aquarius. If there were an award for “Most Improved”, you’d win hands down. Really, that award title doesn’t really do your level of transformation justice. You went through a metamorphosis, a deathand rebirthto get to who you’ve become as of today.

We were all literally feeling your “growing pains” and we totally get that your journey over the past year plus, has been the hardest path you’ve walked in your life, thus far (by far!). Yes, it was a painful path to walk, fraught with hindsight learning, sacrifice, loss, hardship, extra hurdles, roadblocks and stumbling points. You’re pretty much like the Velveteen Rabbit now, with your fur worn off and your stitching loose, but you’ve become the REAL YOU, Aquarius.

That’s what has totally kept you going all this time. It was time for you to find yourself, once and for all – separate from any and all things. Last week was a window into the whole journey, from a distance. This week, the ante has been upped because you’ll be immersed in how it all made you FEEL. With a boatload of heart and soul-centered frequencies in each day of the week, you can’t escape reliving your journey from the viewpoint of the lens of the heart/emotions. You need it, Aquarius, trust me.

You’ve made it through so much so fast, you really didn’t have time to decide what or how you felt about much of it. This is your time to relish in the fruits of your hard-earned labor. One thing is for sure: you’ll experience your fair share of ah-ha moments because much of your journey happened so fast, it was nothing but a blur.

Take your time strolling down memory lane this week, Aquarius. That’s what this week is all about. To immerse yourself in your emotional world.

Dive in, sweets. I promise you’ll enjoy it all. (Best Days 22, 24, 25).

If this week is a stroll down memory lane, then where do your lucky numbers fit into this equation? A fear of yours this week is that you’ll get “lost” or “drown” in the accumulated emotions that have developed as you moved along our path but didn’t have time to process. You’re nervous it’s going to overwhelm or engulf you all at once, but rest assured, it won’t.

The 14 is going to keep it real for you, with the trailblazer, grounded, stand-alone, new beginnings 1 backed up by the solid, stable, practical, foundational, 4. With this digit set as a part of your entourage, it will feel like you have your feet firmly planted on the earth and are safe from floating downstream.

The 39 is a bit more complicated. It starts off with the inspirational, imaginative and optimistic 3 (built-in cheerleader energy) but is followed by the high change 9 in the inner position, meaning it has potential to go one of two ways: negative nelly, judgmental, critical, black and white thinking, which could hold you back from enjoying the stroll down memory lane.

The other option is that the 9 is the “big dreamer”, the humanitarian, the idea-generator who never truly takes action on anything (often they call this 9 as a house address, the “retirement house.”) The latter is the one you want because it will keep you on pause in terms of action and more in “review” mode, which is precisely where you want to be.

Keep that 9 in check, Aquarius.