Aquarius Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions April 22nd to April 28th 2018

  • 37
  • 48

You’ve been the sign to watch over the past while because you’ve been silently having major growth spurts and leaps in development, all under the radar. You don’t really know all the in’s and out’s yet, but you play an important role in the paradigm shift (afterward) that is occurring right now.

If you seem to feel a little “off” so far, this year - that’s why. Your “aura” or energy field has grown enormously because you seem to be like a “tall angel” being called to your post. That’s how much you’ve stepped into your personal power lately.

You’re the warrior of the entire zodiac right now. The other signs are looking up to and admiring from afar as you transform. It’s mesmerizing. (Best Days 24, 26).

The 37 could be a “stalled” number temporarily. With the sunny, raring to go, social butterfly, pulling against the “stick in the mud” 7 who wants to stand still and contemplate, assimilate and integrate your thoughts, feelings, experiences, etc., neither number gets to make any moves, it’s deadlocked.

This week’s lesson is for you to trust fully in the process. By doing so, the negative 7 shifts into alignment more with the full-of-energy, perky 3 and turns into the “leap before thinking” number 7 (as the most active physical plane number).

The 48 is the hero this week as it swoops in to rectify any imbalances with the 37 because the stable, solid, steady, foundational 4 is backed up by the sturdy, standing tall, wise, knowledge-bear 8.