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Nebraska Lottery Results

Game Result Jackpot Next Jackpot
Past Results:
  • 1
  • 24
  • 15
$5,000 $5,000Mon, Dec 18, 2017
Pick 3
Past Results:
  • 8
  • 4
  • 9
$600 $600Mon, Dec 18, 2017
Pick 5
Past Results:
  • 8
  • 17
  • 29
  • 33
  • 35
$66,000 $50,000Mon, Dec 18, 2017
Mega Millions
Past Results:
  • 4
  • 12
  • 36
  • 44
  • 57
  • 19 MB
  • Megaplier: 4
$208,000,000 $223,000,000Tue, Dec 19, 2017 Rollover Buy Tickets Now
Past Results:
  • 9
  • 35
  • 37
  • 50
  • 63
  • 11 PB
  • Power Play: 2
$250,000,000 $250,000,000Wed, Dec 20, 2017 Rollover Buy Tickets Now
Past Results:
Red: (3, 8), White: (20, 25) $22,000 $22,000Sun, Dec 17, 2017
Lucky For Life
Past Results:
17, 21, 25, 30, 48, Lucky Ball: 10 $1,000 $1,000Mon, Dec 18, 2017

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About the Nebraska lottery

Nebraska became the 37th US state lottery to begin selling tickets on September 11, 1993. The tickets that went on sale on this day were only for scratch tickets and it wasn't until July 21, 1994 that draw lottery tickets became available.

Since then the Nebraska Lottery has grown massively and now offers seven different draw lottery games to players in the state. Three of these are single-state games and come in the form of Pick 3, Pick 5 and My Day while multi-state lotteries 2by2, Mega Millions, Lucky for Life and Nebraska Powerball are also available.

Traditionally, it's been the multi-state lotteries where the big jackpots have come from. The best example of this is a $365 million Powerball jackpot that went to a group of co-workers from Lincoln, Nebraska. The huge win came from the Nebraska Powerball drawing on February 18, 2006 and was shared among the eight workers. The group chose to receive their winnings in cash and therefore received $15 million each after taxes. The lucky ticket was bought from a U-Stop in Lincoln and the winning numbers were selected using the quick pick system.

NE Powerball has been running ever since 1994 while Nebraska Mega Millions was some way behind having first sold tickets March 20, 2010. This followed a public hearing regarding the addition of Mega Millions to the state's lottery games which was obviously successful.

As well as often having larger jackpots, the multi-state lotteries vary from the Nebraska-only lotteries in terms of the way that numbers are drawn. For Powerball and Mega Millions, actual numbered balls are drawn in Florida and Atlanta respectively. In contrast, Nebraska Lottery numbers are decided by a random number generator, which picks the set amount of numbers on demand.

The single-state lotteries available in Nebraska are Pick 3, MyDay and Nebraska Pick 5. All of these lotteries are drawn every day from Monday to Sunday. Of these games, Nebraska Pick 5 has the largest jackpot, which starts at $50,000 and increases depending on ticket sales and rollovers.