TENNESSEE Lottery Results
Updated on
Tuesday, January 27, 2015
@ 4:59 AM

Tuesday Jan 27, '15
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State/Game Results Draw Date Jackpot Next Jackpot* /Drawing Date
Cash 3 Past Results:
last 10 | year
5, 7, 4 Mon Jan 26 '15 Updating Soon US$ 500
on  Tue Jan 27 '15
Cash 4 Past Results:
last 10 | year
4, 0, 9, 0 Mon Jan 26 '15 Updating Soon US$ 5,000
on  Tue Jan 27 '15
Midday Cash 3 Past Results:
last 10 | year
8, 6, 8 Mon Jan 26 '15 Updating Soon US$ 500
on  Tue Jan 27 '15
Midday Cash 4 Past Results:
last 10 | year
5, 6, 7, 5 Mon Jan 26 '15 Updating Soon US$ 5,000
on  Tue Jan 27 '15
Morning Cash 3 Past Results:
last 10 | year
1, 5, 0 Mon Jan 26 '15 Updating Soon US$ 500
on  Tue Jan 27 '15
Morning Cash 4 Past Results:
last 10 | year
9, 6, 5, 8 Mon Jan 26 '15 Updating Soon US$ 5,000
on  Tue Jan 27 '15
Tennessee Cash Past Results:
last 10 | year
5, 15, 27, 28, 31, Bonus: 2 Mon Jan 26 '15 US$ 200,000 US$ 200,000
on  Wed Jan 28 '15

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Mega Millions
Past Results:
last 10 | year
latest results for Fri Jan 23 '15
14, 15, 32, 68, 72, Mega: 8, Megaplier: 2
Jackpot: US$ 20,000,000
Next Mega Millions draw at Tue Jan 27 '15 US$ 25,000,000
Past Results:
last 10 | year
latest results for Sat Jan 24 '15
16, 19, 20, 29, 33, Powerball: 10, Power Play: 2
Jackpot: US$ 230,000,000
Next Powerball draw at Wed Jan 28 '15 US$ 261,000,000
Hot Lotto
Past Results:
last 10 | year
latest results for Sat Jan 24 '15
10, 18, 24, 26, 45, Hot Ball: 13
Jackpot: US$ 3,930,000
Next Hot Lotto draw at Wed Jan 28 '15 US$ 4,040,000

Jackpot Watch - Upcoming Lottery Draws

State/GameJackpot EstimateNext Drawing
Mega Millions LogoUS$ 25,000,000Tue Jan 27 '15
Powerball LogoUS$ 261,000,000Wed Jan 28 '15
HOT LOTTO LottoUS$ 4,040,000Wed Jan 28 '15
About the Tennessee Lottery

The Tennessee lottery was signed into law back in June 2003 by Governor Phil Bredesen, but didn't sell its first tickets until January 20, 2004. However, once TN lottery tickets were available, players wasted no time, with $10.8 million worth of tickets being bought on the first day of sales.

Just three months after tickets first went on sale in the state, the lottery began to offer Tennessee Powerball to lottery players in the state. This, coupled with the large number of prizes being won by players with winning numbers, meant that Tennessee lottery games soon became very popular. The Tennessee Education Lottery handed over its first million dollar jackpot on June 26, 2004, to an unnamed player from Knoxville.

The TN Powerball has continued to be popular, with lottery players from all over the state regularly checking the latest Powerball results. Less than a year after first becoming available in the state, the Powerball created its first Tennessee lottery winner, when Bobbi Hubbard from South Pittsburg won a $25.5 million jackpot. Despite the huge jackpot win, Hubbard and her family vowed to continue working, but added that they might take a few more vacations. Hubbard also revealed that she would use the cash to pay bills, grow the family auto parts store and 'do some good with it'.

The Tennessee lotto now offers six single state games, including Tennessee Cash, TN Pick 5, Midday Cash 4, Cash 4, Midday Cash 3 and Cash 3, in addition to Mega Millions and Powerball.

All state lotteries have different ways of promoting their lotto games and Tennessee is no different. As part of their 'Jack up your Jackpots campaign', the state hired the Memphis-born wrestler Ric Flair to promote the Tennessee Mega Millions lottery. Flair appeared in TV and radio adverts where he screamed his trademark 'woooo' numerous times, with the adverts becoming an instant success and gaining more than 2,000 YouTube views in the six days following its release.

The TN lottery and its many lotto games have created several winners over the years. On October 1, 2005, two friends from Tennessee were the first to win using the Powerball Power Play option, which saw their $200,000 win multiplied by five, leaving them with a huge $1 million jackpot.

As well as handing out large sums of money to players with winning numbers (more than $4.5 billion so far), the Tennessee Education Lottery also gives out a large number of scholarships. On October 24, 2007, less than four years after Tennessee lottery tickets first went on sale, the state announced that it had donated more than $1 billion to the education system.

So far, more than $2 billion has been given to education programs in the Volunteer state. These programs have proven to be extremely popular and consist of grants, scholarships, awards and extra classes. Higher education scholarships have been particularly successful with approximately 100,000 students receiving Tennessee lottery scholarships in the academic year of 2009-2010.

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