Virgo Predictions January 28th to February 3rd 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

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Virgo, you’ve been in a bit of a passive nurturing stage for a moment but this week will help you shift gears for a minute and refocus on your own tasks and challenges on the burner.

You’re used to working with others on a deeper, more loving/nurturing level so in terms of relationships and any issues still lingering unresolved with that, it’s not related to your career but there still could be more personal relationship issues to be once and for all have the door closed on. Other than that, the biggest focus is on career this week for you, Virgo.

You’re one of the few signs (if not the biggest culprit) who lost their way a bit during the latter part of the year in terms of the direction of career. We’re all still a bit confused about your plans and where you’re exactly headed and if you were truthful with yourself, you’d say you feel the same way. Well, my friend, here’s your week to hit boot camp with your career and figure it out fully and completely.

The first part of the week sets the stage for this with the big mama of foundational shifting/building numbers, the Master Builder 22/4. For you, Virgo, that’s a huge indication career will be in the spotlight this week. Becoming clear in what you’re building in terms of your empire.

Right after the 22/4 comes in big and fierce, ready for foundational changes, it’s the 5 (career) first up on the plate. Spend as much time in this space as necessary because this first part of the week career-wise is about minute details and small errors or misalignments that can quickly snowball into giant peas under your mattress.

Once you feel that you’ve ironed out all the career stuff, it’s time to move to the 6 (relationship number) and since there’s not much for you to work on here, it could very well be more utilized in the sense of creativity and creative expression, which is one facet of the 6. Don’t totally shut out the possibility of tiny details emerging that are like pebbles in your shoe related to relationship issues. If you run into these – correct them now, not later (please!).

After youfinalize the first portion of the week (with the turn the chapter 16/7), you’ll move to “phase two” of the week’s agenda. This time, the 5 (career) and 6 (relationships) are less about getting up close and personal to examine the sand pieces and more about viewing it from the heaven’s view downward.

Taking in the whole scheme of things in one fowl swoop. With you, Virgo, this is an easy portion of the week because you’ll give it a checkmark and be ready to move along quickly. The week ends with another page-turner 16/7 signally you’re ready to rock and roll on laying out the new Virgo that’s been evolving over the past many months.

We all have a suspicion that it will be shock and awe in relation to the Virgo sign. Something we all didn’t expect was coming but you’ve done so much inner work, it’s inevitable it will show on the outside at some point and now’s the time. (best days 1, 2, 3).

The 2 is self-explanatory. As the intuitive nurturer, you know how to read the needs and wants of others and respond accordingly but what about you, Virgo. This week, the 2 is all about you and using your power of intuitive insight for yourself and your own goals, dreams and mission.

That’s a definite change of pace for you and may be a bit uncomfortable at first to be so self-focused but it won’t take you long to pick up the vibe of needing a little self-focus and self-nurture at the moment. The 2 will be a pivotal number in navigating the week for you, Virgo. Rely as heavily on it as you need. Don’t be shy.

The 54 will lead with the Freedom of Expression Number 5 but it’s also the number of the heart and emotions. It can bring a tremendous amount of clarity to situations that you thought were too “clouded” to figure out. Use it in conjunction with the intuitive 2 and you’ve got a winner. The 4 that follows won’t be the active “doer” it normally is but it will be a solid, steadfast, rock (more passive) that will serve as a much required anchor as you explore the depths via the sensitive 2 and the emotional 5.

With career especially, this sensitive, vulnerable and deeper exploration is much needed at the moment to gain the clarity you need to move forward with a well-executed plan of action. You lead more with the soul, Virgo but sometimes (particularly with career), practical spirituality is often needed to complete the package and that’s just what this week will bring. It will give you comfort to know that all your hard work will not be all for nothing.

The week finalizes with yet another “close the door/chapter” 16/7…and turn the page you will because you’ll be fully ready then.

Have fun, Virgo. This week is where everything comes full circle and then some.