Virgo Predictions January 21st to January 27th 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 35
  • 58

This week is going to pull at your nurturing side a lot because of all the sensitive, intuitive, passive, support 2’s in each date. Each day has at least two 2’s! That’s a bit overboard for a nurturer like you to resist. The trouble is that it’s really not the right time for you to be the selfless nurturer who isn’t making much progress in their own life.

It’s more of a week of basically three elements: Cleaning out your relationship closet until it’s almost spotless or as close as you can get to it, then turning the page on it all. Done. Over. Goodbye.

Next up are three intense days of reflective abundance (putting a good amount of thought behind what you truly want to manifest this time, the 17/8), making all the changes you just set into motion (9 is highest change number) through your genuine intentions, ending with a “redo” button day (1 is number of new beginnings).

Last but not least, after one day of rest (20/2), you’ll end the week with bright hopes, dreams and blossoming ideas for the “Power Year” ahead of you. (best days 21, 25).

The 35 is a very unstable number at best. Like all numbers, it has its positive and negative sides (and it’s up to you to choose how you want to use it) but the 3 is often called the “bipolar” number because of its tendency to move into a very high, happy, sunny place, only to dive deep into a depressive, melancholy self-doubting, self-critical and lacking in personal power situation.

This can all unfortunately happen all within the span of even a day! This especially so when the erratic, dominating, controlling, freedom-seeking, emotional amplifying 5 is sitting in the weaker (inner) position. Virgo, pay very close attention to the energies of this lucky number during the week and how you weave it into your actions, thoughts, feelings and overall expression.

The 58 can also be a rollercoaster in its own right but to a lesser extent. Your lucky numbers this week are really putting you through the paces to test your flourishing skill set. The leading 5 makes for a loving, caring, compassionate, emotional but still freedom-seeking 5.

The usually assertive, confident and leadership 8 is a lesser version of that, edging closer to a solid, stable, number of wisdom and doubtless knowing. This, of course, is perfectly fine but will this type of 8 be enough for exuberant and often over-the-top free-flowing 5?

It’s all in how you use it, Virgo. The choice is always in your court.