Virgo Predictions February 18th to February 24th 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 33
  • 35

Virgo, you’re a hard worker and a selfless servant when required of you but You’re also a fairly private sign as well. This week could even be challenging for you as well (I think it’s unanimously challenging for everyone in some way).

You’re a reserved and quiet soul, diligently keeping the peace and assisting those who require your help. You often put yourself last. Believe it or not, an overabundance of passive, peaceful, cooperative, sensitive, intuitive and supportive 2’s will teach you how to stand tall and “doubtless” (keyword here is doubtless) in your personal power. It’s a huge learning curve for you this week, Virgo.

Sometimes, (more often than we’d like to witness) you allow yourself to be used as a bit of a doormat and allow it without rectifying or bringing it to the other person’s attention. This week is a crash course in the art of personal power and discovering how to take it back from all the sources you’ve given it away to. The end results? An incredibly empowered Virgo, like we’ve never seen before. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

You won’t be arrogant or demanding going forward from this re-infusion of your power, you could never be that way. What you will be is a much more balanced Virgo, who can now do things like say “no” in a kind way instead saying yes, when you really mean no. Now that’s some positive transformation if we ever saw it!

We’ll be cheering you from the sidelines, Virgo! (best days 20, 23).

The 33/6 is both a number capable of limitless potential and becoming a self-saboteur to the ninth degree. This is because of the “bi-polar” tendencies of the double 3’s (like double hurdles) to lean into the negative traits of self-doubt and self-criticism (therefore sabotaging your own efforts) In the positive though, those 3’s are like a team of inspirational and motivational cheerleaders that add to the creative number 6.

Those traits combined (the double 3’s and a 6 in positive mode) can give you unlimited potential to achieve anything this week. And so, you shall. The one issue that could arise is that because you’ve felt beat down or used in the past, those old patterns or remnants of them could be still lingering which could allow you to slip into the negative of the 33/6.

This could kill your entire operation stone dead. Remember constantly as you move along the week that your main goal is to retrieve the pieces of your personal power, not disperse more of it around. This will keep you constantly aware of the dangers that lurk when the 33/6 starts to slip into victim mode.

The 35 has some similar qualities of the 33/6 – one being a tendency to be insecure and/or wishy-washy (lacking personal power). Are you starting to see a theme here with your lucky numbers this week, Virgo? Again, with the 35, the goal is to not allow the negative 5 (domination, control, sabotage) infiltrate the sunny, bright, inspirational and optimistic 3.

If you can pull those two tricks out of your hat for both your lucky numbers this week, you’re walkin’ on easy street.