Virgo Predictions February 11th to February 17th 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Prediction

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Well, Virgo, your heart can only take so much and if this weren’t the last week, we’d probably see you throwing in the towel. Thank goodness it IS the last week because we would NEVER want to witness a Virgo giving up! That would truly be a sight for sore eyes.

I’m not gonna lie to you, the first two days are going to hit some raw, open sores for you, Virgo. The bottom of the barrel is like saving the best stuff for last, the most emotionally charged nuggets left for you to dispose of in a proper fashion. It’s a grueling task to go through them piece by piece but by the end of the first day of the week (relationship number 6), you’ll be teaming with excitement to hit the following morning so you can slam the door and walk away forever. We can just see you swiping your hands of it all now, once it’s finally said and done. What a relief, Virgo!

You’re quite a patient sign too but when you hit your breaking point, that’s it. It’s like hitting a brick wall and you won’t, nor can yougo any further. The rest of the week will feel like your “reward” because the ultimate lesson achieved from going through all of those layered messes was to fully comprehend who and what you don’t and do desire within your existence. Who/what/where you spend your time with has become so much more important to you over the last many months.

So much so, that it could be considered top of your list now. That’s a very good thing for you, Virgo. You’ve been used and abused more than you should have been in the past (you allowed it though). Not anymore.

A brand-new Virgo is born this week. Hooray! (best days 11, 14, 16).

You only have one lucky number this week but that’s all you’ll need. It’s a mighty power as the practical, grounded, solid, stable, loyal, trustworthy and hard working 4 shines the light on your pathway, you’ll be certain to star on par for the course with your head on straight at all times.

Runner-up is the 7, which in the positive, adds room for “pause”, long enough to not make rash decisions but the ability to carefully weigh all options before finalizing your choices. In the negative, the 7 could, however, add a sense of distrust, leading to hesitancy and insecurities over whether you’re making the right choices or not. Don’t go there, Virgo. We trust you know how to handle the deep, philosophical number of truth or the “truth-seeker.”

Keeping YOUR sense of self-trust intact will keep the 7 from sliding into distrust mode and remaining in wise sage position, where you need it to be to make swift yet mind and soul contemplated decisions.