Taurus Predictions January 21st to January 27th 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 10
  • 53

Taurus, there must be something in the air that doesn’t resonate with you lately because you’ve been a little grumpy and honestly a bit nasty. Your pessimism isn’t a good look for you, Taurus. Time to ditch it asap.

This week, the reason may reveal itself to you through the volatile inner change, 180-degree shift relationship examination, up close and personal, to say the least. You’ll be down in the trenches with all the BS you left undone over the years.

It’s time to clean house and get rid of those hidden resentments and grudges making you stuck in this mode of negativity. You can’t be starting out 2018 on the wrong foot so get to work, Taurus. Dive deep and dig further than you wish to. It will be worth it, I promise.

I didn’t say it will be easy or pleasant for all of it but hard work isn’t’ known to be all that glamorous or desirable. Believe it or not, you’re actually one of the main signs with more baggage than a lot of the others. Imagine that, Taurus. The sign of the stubborn bull having relationship issues unresolved? Who would have thought that? (lol!)

Lucky for you, it will be just one day of this kind of laying it all bare and then you literally flip the page on the second day, then on to a three-day period of creating new vibes to begin attracting new people, places and things into your life. Finally, your energy will shift into a mode of attraction that will get you to the points you want to hit in 2018.

It’s time to begin, Taurus. Your calling is really calling now. The last day of the week is representative of your newly shifted attitude and personality expression as it’s a supportive, subdued, yet inspirational and imaginative 3. You’ve gotten some of your child-like hopes and dreaming abilities back and your manifestation powers just skyrocketed because of it.

Here we go, Taurus! YAY!! (best days 22, 25)

The 10 is a very deep and profound energy. It’s the number of communication with the verbal self-expression number (1) combined with the symbol of the infinite or soulful expression (0). To put it even more simply, it’s like heaven (0) and earth (1) coming together as in the soul in human form (the body, 1, first physical number).

The 10 is often called the “Earth Guide” who leads through casual conversation. It’s a grounded version of soulful expression which is precisely how we operate as a soul in human form. We don’t preach from the mountain tops, we get in the trenches with our fellow man to learn life lessons together and often intertwined lessons.

That was your crash course in the depth of the 10 – and here you thought 10 was the number that liked to keep life “up here” where things are fun and interesting, while sweeping problems under the rug to deal with another day. While that’s true, it’s usually a 10 that hasn’t incorporated the spiritual zero with the ego-based 1. Therefore, you’d just be working through the ego-expression.

The 53 is a promising number because it leads with the positive 5, the number of the heart, emotions and the freedom of expression number. It’s compassionate, loving, brings clarity to situations (soul-viewing) and adds depth to any superficial situation. The 3 behind it, in the positive, brings inspiration, imagination and limitless belief.

In the negative, it can be quite self-doubting, self-critical and introverted. This could hinder the beauty of the expression of the “Expressive Artist” 5, the freedom of expression number. Taurus, you have to agree that you can lean into the negative more often than some of the other signs because you’re so serious with structured “lines” with your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, etc.

This 53 will absolutely work for you this week but the choice is in your hands 100%.