Taurus Predictions February 18th to February 24th 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 6
  • 27

Taurus, you’re about to erupt your volcano, we can feel the rumblings! You’re more of the “tough guy”, the firm authoritarian, not the mushy, sappy type, for the most part (or at least you try). This week is going to feel like an attack of the killer 2’s with so much sensitivity factor, you’d rather poke your eye out than lay your heart/soul bare and vulnerable for any form of abuse or mistreatment.

Underneath your armored up outer shell IS a softie at the core, which is really the truth as to why you’re having such a hard time coping this week. You can’t think of it as an “attack” because the 2 doesn’t roll like that. It’s there to support, gently guide and offer passive suggestion and advice – that’s it. Stand down your guard, Taurus. It will be a whole lot less painful if you do.

Take the chance for once. What’s the very worst that could happen? Look on the bright side. It’s only for the first three days (an up close and personal look at your foundation or footing, career path and position you hold in your relationships at this point)

The middle of the week marks the closing of the door on all that and you get to enjoy the rest of the week in the peak of the cycle of change energies and can manifest (8), make as many changes as you’d like (9 is highest change number) and turn a new leaf or corner on all of it to close the week off, if you so choose.

At the very least, it’s only half a week and then you’re back in your element again. Suck it up and do the work required of you, Taurus. It’s a team effort here on planet Earth. (best days 23, 24)

The 6 is straight up the visionary number to give you the bird’s eye view of the whole enchilada. It will help to do so for you, Taurus, as you’re often one that likes to know “next steps”. You’re a natural planner and feel most comfortable when you know what to expect next. Life doesn’t always run that smoothly but you try your hardest to keep it that way.

At least amidst all the swarming vulnerable 2’s you can take a step back for a moment, when required, to take in the entire picture so you don’t lose sight of the direction you’re headed to finish the task required of you.

The 27 could go either way for you, Taurus. This is why it’s a good thing you’re reading this ahead of time. Leading with the sensitive, intuitive, supportive 2 (as if you needed another 2 in there!) the 7 in the more negative position (inner) may cast distrust (a distrust of the self and of others) on the doubtless intuitive sense of the 2.

This is the opposite of the lesson on the table this week. You’re meant to learn to TRUST your vulnerabilities and that little voice in your heart, not become skeptical of it. Be keenly aware of that 7 and how it could turn your 2’s sour fast. Instead, focus on the positive power of the 7, which is the truth, trust, and the wise sage energy.

Keep the faith, is the message here.