Taurus Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions February 19th to February 25th 2017

  • 32
  • 45

Too much change in a short amount of time and Taurus can start to feel very ungrounded.

This week’s high change energy may just be too much for you since you’ve been in high change energy for a while now. The result of an ungrounded Taurus is a cranky, high strung beast. Take time this week for you and just to be by yourself.

The changes headed your way are overwhelming enough, you don’t need a ton of people in your space at the same time. (best days 20, 23)

The 45 brings some much-needed grounding (4) energy to the situation while the 5 in the weaker or inner position brings clarity to any situation.

The 32 injects inspiration (3) and support (2) that is meant just for you. Take advantage of it.