Taurus Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions April 23rd to April 29th 2017

  • 51
  • 65

Here’s your chance to get your wits about you. It’s been a rough few weeks but it takes a lot to take a Taurus down. Pick yourself up and dust yourself off to get prepared for another round.

The first part of the week is bringing you experiences that is changing your personality – for the better. Imagine a Taurus that is more free-flowing and less black and white? That’s what’s happening.

You’ll still be the more conservative and responsible one but you’ll also know when it’s time to have a good time. (best days 26, 28)

The 65 is about seeing the bigger picture (6) while having the freedom to claim it.

The 51 gives you freedom also (5) but is paired with the pioneering 1. You’re reinventing yourself and it feels oh so good. We can’t wait to see the new Taurus.