Taurus Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions March 19th to March 25th 2017

  • 38
  • 64

You’re black and white in your ways but that doesn’t mean you can’t love deeply and romantically.

Typically, love is erratic which Taurus doesn’t necessarily like, but when it comes to love, they’re big softies at heart. You’re not one to back away from good ole fashioned love/love story. You need to leave it be and let it unfold though. You’re a tough cookie so you don’t want that black and white energy to permeate a new love blossoming.

There’s a love around the bend that will have your heart going pitter patter. Don’t foil it with your overbearing ways. (best days 22, 25)

The inspirational number 3 combined with the number of wisdom (8) will free you from your typical box you put yourself in. The 6 is the relationship number combined with the practical, grounded and stable 4.

Sounds like you’ve got things right where you need them and all you ducks are lined up in a row to make this happen.