Taurus Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions August 20th to August 26th 2017

  • 10
  • 54
  • 63

You’re a tough cookie on your best days because you live your life in a state of fairness, truth, integrity, trust and loyalty. You’ve always had a hard time when anyone in your life breaks those golden rules you hold so dear but lately, you’ve been more like a prison warden when it comes to enforcing them. You’ve allowed very little wiggle room for those around you to “miss-step.” As a result, some people have shifted further out of your life and into the sidelines without you really even noticing yet.

It’s time to take inventory of who you want and who you don’t want in your life. We’re all human and make mistakes so you’ve got to leave room for error sometimes. Thankfully, this week is perfect timing as the multitude of 2 energy each day will take you to that softer side of Taurus we know is there but haven’t seen in a while. Unfortunately for you though, the 2 will also force you to experience (literally) some of the emotions and hurts you’ve caused those around to endure due to your somewhat ruthless rein recently.

This can happen to the best of you, Taurus. Your sign is naturally just one to stand your ground but ruthless isn’t a term we’d use to describe you typically. Your softer side will finally return this week and you’ll be feeling much more whole and balanced again. You didn’t even realize it was missing until it returned full force this week. Too much physical focus (action-based experiences of the physical kind) can make a Taurus hard and cold, causing you to dismiss that soft-spot you carry within that we all know and love about you, Taurus.

By week’s end, that sweet sparkle in your eye will be back once more – hooray!! (best days 20, 23, 25)

Your lucky numbers this week are on par for the events unraveling. The 10 will not only balance out the physically dominant energy you’ve been sidetracked by, it will go further still and literally re-align your emotional or soulful self (0) with your physical mojo (1). Think of it as a chiropractic alignment for your body and soul. As the sign of the “bull”, you can do some real damage when you plow through life using your emotional body to light the way.

Some may disagree but you’re actually one of the more loving and humanitarian signs but we’ll keep that as our little secret, Taurus, lest we debunk your “tough guy” persona. We’ll compromise that minor detail in order to have the old Taurus back in action.

The 54 is obviously bringing your emotions (5) back into alignment with that naturally practical and grounded (4) person you are.

The 63 will help you “see” (6) clearly what has been going on and urge you to unify (3) once more. If you’re honest with yourself, Taurus, you already knew all of this. However, to see it on paper in black and white, your denial can’t help but fade away.