Taurus Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Prediction January 14th to January 20th 2018

  • 54

Taurus, calm down. This week may test your patience level more than you thought. That’s because it wants you to go really deep (more emotionally than physically deep) with your future unveiling of your master blueprint.

You’ve seen it as a well-crafted and perfectly orchestrated system so asking you to yet again reexamine it is almost an insult to you, Taurus. Don’t take it that way because the first several days of the week aren’t asking you to look at it from a technical, logical, physical or grounded point of view but rather a deeper more emotional and philosophical view of things.

This is really deep stuff, taking you on a journey to “read between the lines” and see if this perfection of a plan is all you think it’s cracked up to be and if it honestly suits you as much as you think. After you’ve done this deeper dive into your life’s plans, there is a beautiful day of “rest” and “integration” square in the middle to allow you time to swallow all that you’ve just chewed off.

You’ll likely go through a few levels on that day – emotional, mental frustration, then the physical anticipation of the potential for new change. Once the final three days hit next, you’ll be in a place of calmness to be willing to consider new ideas, thoughts, plans and integrating them into your finalization of everything. Trust us, Taurus, you’ll be glad you had this week when it’s all over because you were missing smaller details that end up often becoming BIG details somewhere down the road.

Now you can feel much more confident in everything and that’s a darn good feeling for a logical, grounded and practical sign like you, Taurus. What Taurus wouldn'twant to feel that way about their direction in life? I can’t think of any. (best days 15, 20)

It might seem difficult at first glance but the week isn’t as difficult for you as you think. This is potentially why, instead of having several numbers to assist you, you’ve got just one because, contrary to how you may feel at the start, you’ve got this whole thing in the bag and don’t even know it yet.

The 54 gives you the ability to remain open and free (5 is number of heart/emotions, freedom of expression) to the possibilities while the 4 in the inner/weaker position may give you a hint of impatience but overall, it will exert a sense of solid, anchor or rock energy (you’re well versed in that, Taurus).

It’s a combo of perfection for you to have some random and erratic number (5) backed by the solid support of a grounded physical number (4). That would probably be the only way you could successfully slide along the week with a bit of ease.

Give thanks for this 54 because it’s a gift from the ethers.