Scorpio Predictions January 28th to February 3rd 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 8
  • 31

Huge foundational shifting is going on this week, especially for the more powerful, successful or achievement-driven signs like you, Scorpio. This is a bit of a carry-over from the previous two weeks because you’ve been taking a hard look at things like your communication style, etc.

This week is even more intense as the week starts out with the Big Daddy of the 4’s, the Master Builder, 22/4, followed by the career (5) and relationship number (6). The biggest indicator that it’s a bigger and bolder shift in foundation, direction and/or perspective is that the following day is a 16/7, a turn the page or chapter in a big way.

Closing the door on many things that no longer serve you or your new, emerging life patterns. It may seem like we’re beating a dead horse with some much focus for several weeks on reexamining your career and relationship choices and pathways, but these two categories are pivotal to our happiness, success and even has a big impact on health in our lives.

If something is amiss in those areas, happiness eludes us and in terms of health, healing is slower and less progressive without the proper state of mental/emotional wellbeing to go along with the physical situations. Harmony is key here. As much as you’d prefer to leave it to rest now, you’ll be glad you did this again for another week as it’s actually not the same each week, there’s a slight shift in what angle you’re focused on each time.

The good news is that you’ve finally made it to the end of this rehashing, rechecking and realigning these areas of your life. However, you have to understand, Scorpio, for a successful 2018, these two areas need to be right and comfortable for you.

You can’t make a good go at other areas in your life if these two pieces still have lingering unresolved or unbalanced pieces. That’s the bottom line. No one ever said life was always a walk in the park. It takes effort, action and sometimes sacrifice, loss and hardship to bring a sense of alignment, peace, harmony and happiness into our world.

Trust me, it’ll be all worth it. (best days 30, 31)

The 8 brings forth its wisdom, knowledge, strength, independence, doubtlessness, assertiveness, and soulful vibe to the table this week. It’s an important number to have when you’re dealing with both relationship and career issues – but for different reasons.

In relationships, the 8 will give you that ability to take a step back and be a bit detached from the situation for a moment. This is often the only way we can see things clearly when we’re so emotionally intertwined. In career, the 8 is confident and assertive so you’ll be able to muster the willpower to express what you want, need and desire in your present space career-wise.

In business, I often recommend it as a home business location and as a Life Path Number, the 8’s are wise, so they often know what to say, when to say it and how to say it for successful communication, implementation and rollout of ideas, plans and actions.

The 31 inserts the imaginative, inspirational, optimistic and social butterfly 3 energy in the leading position (like built in cheerleader energy). The only downside is that the 1 is in the inner/weaker position which is great for keeping that ego-based, stand-alone 1 at bay long enough for you to accomplish this week’s goals without getting sidetracked into a space of isolation.

Draw upon your close friends, family, acquaintances, etc. as they’ll be a great source of strength, knowledge and understanding this week.