Scorpio Predictions January 21st to January 27th 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 34
  • 69

This week could prove to be the strangest one of them all in long while for you, Scorpio. The first two days are strictly focused on a huge turning-of-the-page on the relationship front. Remember, it isn’t necessarily just intimate relationships, it can be family, friends, co-workers or even pets.

It could get a little ugly first though because the relationship number is the 15/6. It leads with the ego-dominated trailblazer (which is also the number of verbal self-expression) and the 5 in the weaker (inner) position draws out the dominating, controlling, manipulative, erratic, chaotic 5 rather than the loving, compassionate, sensitive number of the heart and emotions.

The 5 is one of those numbers that has a really dark negative side, especially when it’s led by the “ego” number. I’m not saying you’re going to get into any dropdown, drag out fist fights or anything but there could definitely be sparing of harsh words and lashing out on things you might regret later.

This was a necessary evil though because this day is immediately followed up by the “turn the chapter”, 180-degree shift 16/7 that is always about transitioning into a new place, time and space. Whether it’s starting anew or from a new perspective, it will absolutely bring about swift and profound change.

The middle of the week has a one-track mind with the 8, 9 and 1 forming the peak of the cycle of change. The sole focus here is creating something new or different. There may be an “addition” to your already established plan or it could be creating a whole new plan.

Depending on the relationship shifting, it could go either way, really. Following this is your typical “day of rest” pure 20/2 that we’ve seen so very much over the past 12 months to teach us the art of the “ebb and flow” to life. This rest day is much needed and appreciated because the week isn’t exactly a walk in the park so far.

The week ends with a docile 21/3, leading with the supportive, cooperative and harmonious 2 and the ego and success driven 1 is in the subdued position (inner), keeping it in a role of more of the anchor or rock rather than a success-driven egotistical monster.

Both together add to the “cheerleader” 3, the happy, bright, social butterfly who sincerely believes in all possibilities. What a great way to end your week, Scorpio. I’d take that anytime, if I were you. (best days 22, 27)

The 34 is an inspirational and imaginative force (3) that believes anything is possible and you’re sure going to need it this week. There’s just a slight problem with the 4 being in the inner position because it gives way to impatience, materialistic focus and superficial niceties just to get its way. Keep in mind though, as always, it’s how you use the energies you have to work with.

If you focus intently on keeping that 4 also in the positive with the 3, you’ll have a more solid, stable, rock of a 4 that is trustworthy, loyal, and steady. Now that’s an excellent combo of the 3 and 4 together!

The 69 is a trickster indeed because these two numbers, the 6 and 9, have extremely strong negative sides and when both take hold, look out for drama to unfold in monumental ways. The 6 is already called the “number of extremes” and the 9 is the highest change number but is also very black/white, right/wrong as well as justice-seeking.

It has strong opinions and steadfastly remains loyal to them (not much can change a 9’s mind). In the positive, the creative visionary 6 and the humanitarian/high change/selfless service 9 can work magic and miracles galore.

They are a team so strong that they could accomplish anything they set out to do together. I know this goes without saying Scorpio, but I’d definitely aim for staying on the positive sides of the 69 if you want to remain focused on the tasks at hand and more easily make it through the week.