Scorpio Predictions January 1st to January 7th 2017 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 17
  • 32
  • 45

The New Year is starting off like a lamb for you, Scorpio. The week starts off with some contemplative energy and moves into a bit of shuffling of your foundation before getting into a creative outlook.

Watch out for new opportunities coming your way near the end of the week. It’s a week of germinating new ideas for the weeks ahead. Pay attention to the “road map signs” as they’re going to be very useful in helping you decide which fork in the road to take.

Breadcrumbs from the universe come in mysterious ways. (best days 4, 6)

The 17 is quite a contemplative energy when it wants to be. With the isolated 1 and the deep, philosophical number of truth (7) adding together to form the number of wisdom (8), it can bring up some deep stuff.

The 32 can have a strong positive and negative side but this week, it brings creative ideas (3 is number of imagination) supported by the number of support and passivity. Most of your week will be spent drumming up new plans but not acting on them just yet.

The 45 represents foundation shifting (4) with a dash of freedom of expression (5). You won’t be doing any major shifting but more like tweaking.