Scorpio Predictions February 25th to March 3rd 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 12
  • 37

This week is such a fresh breeze compared to the dramatic shifts of the previous several weeks. The week starts off as passive as it can get with the number of passivity – the 20/2. It’s the number that vibrates closest to the number of the soulful self. It’s also self-reflective, supportive, intuitive, sensitive and cooperative. It’s one of those energies that gently nudges you from behind the scenes.

The 2 isn’t a face forward leader who likes the spotlight but rather a silent encourager who intervenes only when necessary (and in subtle forms). The rest of the week is not like last week’s vulnerable up close and personal somewhat uncomfortable situation. No, this week is much more upbeat and free-flowing. It’s essentially about hitting the drawing board (after taking a day of rest with the 20/2) with a fierceness you haven’t felt in a while, Scorpio.

The first official day of action is the 3 which is focused on imagination and inspiration but also the social butterfly. This week, the latter will be your destination. It’s time to let your hair down and have a little socialization with those you’re closest to. All work and no play makes for a grumpy Scorpio (and no one wants that!).

The next three days are linked together in a lot of ways because the 22/4 (Master Builder), the 23/5 (natural counselor) and the 15/6 (relationship number) haveyou strongly focused on reconstructing your beliefs, morals, needs, wants and desires in the realms of career/purpose and relationships. It’s a pivotal piece of your equation to finalize these two areas of your life (as you’ve noticed the past several weeks) because spring is just around the bend and with it comes lots of outer action. If you’re not clear in those parts of your life, manifestation in those areas will be haywire, at best.

The last two days will take you on a bit of a journey as the 16/7 will throw you on a tangent (possibly down a different twist in the road or off the beaten path.) The final day of the week is a highlight because it’s the number of manifestation and abundance (8) but I also like to refer to it as the number of “breadcrumbs from the universe.”

It’s actually a HUGE year of manifesting because 2018 causes each and every day of the year to include the 8 but in front of that abundance driven number is the intuitive 2 to guide the way. What a fun and interesting week ahead for you, Scorpio.

Thoroughly enjoy it, you deserve it for all the hard work you’ve put in lately. (best days 25, 3).

It’s a beautiful week for you in general, Scorpio but to have the whole and complete number of unity (12 is whole/complete number of unity 1+2=3). Things are really coming full circle for you this week, darling. It’s all unifying right now and as we round out the last week of February and the most sensitive month of them all, you can reflect back and realize, at the time, it might have seemed chaotic and haphazard but you learned so much that it is more like a quantum leap from the end of January to the end of February.

January seems like light years away now.

The 37 starts out with the inspiration, upbeat, sunny and social 3 but could potentially throw you a curveball with the negative 7 and its tendency toward distrust (distrust of self and of others). Think of it as skepticism or needing more fact with your faith before you make up your mind.

Well, Scorpio, this is not the month to hold such energies and you’ve got to turn that frown upside down, causing the negative 7 to move into the more positive traits of truth, authenticity, and the faith energy where the 7 will jump because it has faith that net will appear (always).

A sense of solid trust of the ways of the universe is the 7 in the positive.