Scorpio Predictions February 11th to February 17th 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 43
  • 58

This week is still a bit deeper than you’d care to have it be, Scorpio. The good news is that it’s more of a finalization week of sorts, particularly on the relationship front. You’ll be finally laying to rest that seemingly endless digging up the dirt in your closet. You’re down to the final layers and it’s high time, you’re thinking.

The week throws you right into the lion’s den with the relationship day to initiate the week. Make it a shock and awe day with lots of active digging and sifting through the last remnants. You don’t want to miss anything because if you’re going to close the door on it all the next day (the turn-the-page 16/7 energy), you want to make sure you’re not closing in any pebbles that will be bothersome in any way in the future.

After that grand start to the week, it mellows down quite a few notches because you’re entering a period of thoughtful and careful contemplative manifestation. First though, you’ll spend a day creating your soul-based checklist about what and who you really want and need in your life for optimum success and achievement going forth. Although the vibe seems chill, it’s serious stuff you’re doing here and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The 8, 9, 1 days are the critical days this week that you’ll be making some hefty decisions affecting your future in big ways. Choose wisely, my friend. You’ll have a day of rest after those three intense days (20/2) before you end the week with an inspirational, imaginative, optimistic, idea-generating 3 day.

The sun shines brightly as you enter from the darker part of the week and ending it to enter a new one. Not a bad deal, Scorpio. Just be sure to put in the effort asked of you so you can reap the full rewards due to you. (best days 11, 14)

The 43 will definitely set the stage for practical, grounded, honest hard work (4) but that 3 could get dicey. If it’s viewed as a more negative 3, it could cause you to second guess your decisions and ideas (3 in the negative suffers from self-doubt and self-criticism). In the positive, the 3 can add to the 4 a burst of spunk with its sunny, optimistic, imaginative, “anything is possible” attitude. Be sure to keep that 3 turned in the right direction, Scorpio. Your own attitude and outlook will do that automatically (keep it in the positive).

The 58 is an intense number but also a catalyst in a big way. The 5 is the freedom of expression number (5) and behind it stands the solid, independent, doubtless, wise, “knowledge-bearer.” Thankfully, the 8 in the inner position loses its potential to be arrogant, dominant, assertive but instead it’s a quiet post of solid support for the 5 as it goes out to express itself. That’s a winningnumber if I’ve ever seen one. Take full advantage of the ability to express yourself under the safety of the wing of the more docile doubtless, wise 8.

Lucky numbers don’t get much better than that, Scorpio.