Scorpio Predictions December 25th to December 31st 2016 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Prediction

  • 18

Nostalgic Scorpio, Christmas is here and you’re in the mood to celebrate the Holiday season.

The caution is not to get too wild as you’ll have a tendency to want to let loose all your pent-up frustrations and built up excessive energy. The problem with letting it all go is that you could overwhelm others around you to the point it comes across as annoying.

Scorpio, you’re not normally annoying but this week you could be so be careful not to become the very person you hate. (best days 25, 27)

Thank-goodness you’ve got the pioneering number of new beginnings to guide the way plus the wise and independent 8. It will keep you from getting in people’s hair and allow them to experience the holidays the way they choose to do so.

It’s not that you mean to be annoying in any way, it’s more about your level of excitement this year. The Christmas spirit is with you.