Scorpio Predictions December 11th to December 17th 2016 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 50
  • 68

Here’s your chance to rewrite your story in the realm of relationships. The week is starting out with new chapter, page-turning relationship energy.

Here’s where you get to make it right. Anything you’ve left to the wayside is up front and center in your face this week to be dealt with when it comes to relationships. Now’s the best time to bring up issues that have been a thorn in your side.

There will be some win and lose meaning you may find yourself letting go and moving on more than any other avenue. (best days 13, 15)

The 50 will have you seeing clearly what you need and want. The number of freedom of expression (5) coupled with the zero makes the 50 a powerful looking glass into the past, present and future when it comes to relationships.

The 68 also gives the gift of visionary skills with the creative visionary 6 and the independent number of wisdom 8. You’ve got a clear head on your shoulders and a pure heart in your chest. Make the right choices for all concerned, Scorpio.