Scorpio Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions July 23rd to July 29th 2017

  • 12
  • 25

The thing with the month of July is that it’s very self-reflect (as a whole) because it’s the 7, the deep, philosophical number of truth. Therefore, the entire month has an overtone of self-reflection in some way.

This week has a peculiar energy because each day is an unusual combination of the number it carries. It is a week of the unknown and there’s no telling what it could bring up for various signs. For your, Scorpio, it looks like it will be a bit of a continuation of last week but more about tying everything together and making sense of it all. Like putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

You’ll feel much more whole and complete by the end of the week. (best days 27, 29)

The 12 is the whole and complete (12) number of unity (2), (1+2=3). It is confirmation that you will be bringing it all together this week. Making sense of all the unearthing.

The 25 indicates the universe is supportive (2) of your new sense of internal self and your emotional self (5). People, places and things will fit in with the new you like magic. Who knew there was a better version of you hidden beneath all that rubbish?