Scorpio Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions September 17th to September 23rd 2017

  • 19
  • 40

Well, Scorpio, you made it to the third week of the highest change month of the year but it may not feel quite like you got a whole heck of a lot done - on the outside, at least. That’s very ok though because you’re doing just fine so far.

This week is more about a perspective shift for you. Consider the week to be divided into a pre/post shift phase where you can draw a line in the sand. The first phase is (you guessed it) more introspection and self-reflection but not for long because by Tuesday you're the “power” number 11 which carries the spiritual mountain element (as the spiritual guide number), the creative flow and it’s also known to be a “power” number in terms of manifestation energy.

Consider Tuesday (with its 11 energy) to be a blend of the end of the inward work and the start of finally putting your well-thought out plans into action. Starting from Wednesday all the way through to Saturday, it’s a gradual building of energies to move you into action.

The 3 day follows the 11 which is all about inspiration, imagination and tangent thinking with your ideas. Let your dreams, fly, Scorpio! Then comes the 4 (foundation building), 5 (career) and 6 (creativity) in sequence, building you to a climax of much-welcomed action. You’re a mover and a shaker, Scorpio, so it’s been somewhat of a harder month to adjust to thus far. Getting this taste of what you do best (action, leadership, pioneering) renews your faith in yourself and the whole process of life itself.

There’s nothing quite like a happy Scorpio. (best days 18, 21)

The 19, even though the high change 9 is in the more passive placement, when it’s combined with the trailblazing number of new beginnings (1), the 9 can’t contain itself completely. Therefore, you automatically get a restless desire to put it all into motion. The one thing is that there will still be more thought involved with the action than usual because the mind plane 9 will still retain its mental energy in the inner or weaker position in the 19.

The 40 is a very pleasant surprise because it’s the empire-building (foundation-building) 4 amplified by the symbol of the infinite or spiritual awareness zero. It’s like a hopped-up version of the “practical doer” 4 and the 4 takes on more of a global tone than a normally more personal or modest stance. Go big or go home, Scorpio. Take advantage of this break in the ebb. Don’t hesitate (we’re sure you won’t anyway).