Scorpio Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions March 18th to March 24th 2018

  • 4
  • 66

The month of March is a strange beast this year, Scorpio. It’s usually an intellectual number that is great for sprouting new ideas (spring has sprung), or anything related to the intellect such as writing/publishing a book, taking classes/courses, etc.

This year, there’s a heavy focus and mix on both the intellect (thought) and the deeper meanings of what’s going on in your life. In a sense, that is imaginative, creative and intellectual (as March typically is) but it’s gone off the “deep end” (ha!).

The first two days of the week, the 5 and 6 would usually be tuned into both career (5) and relationships (6), but instead, it’s utilizing the 5 to see deeper into your truest sense of path/purpose. Likewise, the 6 isn’t relationship-centered, it’s about supporting your creative side (24/6, 2 is supported, 4 is stability, 6 number of creativity). Then you hit the normal “rock the boat” 16/7 with its volatile inner change-centered pioneer (1), relationship (6, with yourself) and adding to the number of truth (7 is the truth-seeker).

Again, we see a repeat of the previous week(s) (March really wants to drive it home!) with the 16/7 being predominantly a contemplative week of discovering your hidden motives/reasons as to why you strive, create, do what you do. The 9 and 1 days are the “big dreamer” and “tangent thinker” side of the 9 and the 1 day is actually a 10 first (reduces to 1) so it demands you communicate your 9 day reveals.

Lastly, your day of rest, assimilation, integration, feeling right within your world, pure 20/2 day. I do believe each week in the month of March this year has a pure 20/2…interesting coincidence, or perhaps, synchronicity. (best days 21, 24).

The 4 is typically practical, solid, stable, foundational, structured, organized and so on. This week, you could call it the “bridge” because it will help you illuminate the darker areas from point A to B, for example – helping you connect your dots. This is a side of the 4 that is emerging rapidly but we’ve yet to really experience it first-hand or see it laid out like this. The 4 will shift its focus for the next several years, starting in the next six-month block.

The 66 would usually tell the well-known tale of the “number of extremes” wreaking havoc through the “worry-wart syndrome”, critical or pessimistic thinking, judgmental, gossipy and the list goes on. The good news is that the opposite side of that number of extremes is the highly creative and visionary 6. In doubles, imagine what you can whip up this week, Scorpio?

Creative genius awaits you. It’s like having a genie in a lamp to grab ahold of that double creative visionary 6’s.

To the moon and beyond, my friend!