Scorpio Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions June 25th to July 1st 2017

  • 20
  • 58

Here’s where the fun begins, kids. June is a creative month anyway, because it’s the 6th month, the creative number. However, this week has a stronger than ever focus on gaining clarity with your vision and quite possibly going through a significant shift in direction.

Don’t worry, all your hard work thus far isn’t all for nothing. It was prep work for the real deal. It’s a quirky week a good mix of contemplative yet action energy all rolled into one. When that happens, it means what you contemplate, you will likely put into action right away.

It’s a true ebb and flow week but if you follow the week’s lead, you’ll do just fine. (best days 25, 29)

Your lucky numbers are quite the opposite at first glance but so is your week so it fits quite perfectly. The 20 is all about pure passive support, gentle intuitive sensitivity to guide you along your journey while the 58 is a bust open freedom-seeking (5) independent and doubtless (8) number.

What this means is that the universe has got your back all the way on this one so you can go out and get the job done. Take advantage of this strange combo of a week because they don’t come around all that often.