Scorpio Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions January 14th to January 20th 2018

  • 54
  • 68

The second full week of the New Year really makes it official, doesn’t it, Scorpio? There’s no denying the energy is certainly shifted but it’s still too early to tell how each sign’s flow will precisely go.

This week is divided in “half”, so to speak. The first half could bring a bit of hardship your way in terms of generating abundance in the brilliant way you always do (seems to come easily for you, most of the time). This is because, although the week starts with the abundant and manifesting 8, it’s first the 17/8 (1+7=8) therefore it is driven by the ego-dominant, success-focused 1 and behind it is the distrustful or skeptical 7.

To properly and easily manifest our goals, dreams, and thoughts into reality, there can be no doubt present. In this case, the 7 in the inner position spells trouble with trusting the process. We know it’s going to take you a moment to find your groove for 2018 but resist the urge to get sucked into the distrusting 7 and simply focus in on the power of the 8 (pure abundant magic). The 9 (high change) and 1 (new beginnings) days follow the 8 and these days are contingent on what you’re able to manifest on the first day of the week.

Can you resist succumbing to the skeptical 7? We think you can, Scorpio. The rest of the week is focused on building upon your career (5) or “empire” as you love to go through continuing to hone and develop your ideas/thoughts to match your heart’s desire. Thus, this will shift your foundation, direction, and angle through which you operate in life.

Sounds like a fairly straightforward week but lots of breakthroughs and leaps forward between the lines. (best days 17, 20)

The 5 in the inner position always has the potential to bring about control, dominance, manipulation. The good news is that it’s being led this week by the solid, stable, practical and trustworthy 4 (the 45). This will keep the more negative side of the 5 at bay so that you can utilize its power for the ability to express yourself freely (5) but with both feet on the ground (4).

The 68 is a stellar number for you right at the moment, Scorpio. When the 6 is in the outer position, it leans into the traits of being the visionary, the creative one, the motherly nurturer, the “nesting” energy. With the confident 8 backing it up, the 8 won’t necessarily beas big as life as it usually is, with its boastful assertive, doubtless and independence self but gravitate toward more of its gentler, less out-there traits of solid strength and wisdom.

Consider it the source of the visionary 6’s power this week. It will give the 6 the extra confidence to believe in its visionary powers and how bang-on they can be 99% of the time. Even though each of the days of the week are a little on the oddball side, your lucky numbers fit right in to give just the right kind and level of support and assistance you need to navigate the week with ease and grace.

You’ve totally nailed this one, Scorpio and the week has just begun.