Scorpio Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions November 19th to November 25th 2017

  • 15
  • 27

Scorpio, you’re in for a bit of ride this week. There are some really intense energies coming your way. The first day of the week is the Master Builder (22/4) so it’s not just about foundation shifting or adding blocks to your empire, it’s more like a 180-degree shifting in foundation and/or adding a whole other level to your empire. What a way to start the week!

Then you’ve got a career day next (5) but it starts with the pioneering 1, followed by the foundation building 4 (14/5). Again, you’ve got a career (5) day but it’s bigger and broader, just like the 22/4 day before it.

Now here’s where it gets interesting. Mid-week brings a 15/6, 16/7 and a 17/8. At the base level, it’s the creative visionary (also relationship number) 6, the truth-seeker, self-reflective 7 and the abundant flowing opportunistic 8. Yet, it’s not what it seems at face value because when you look at the unbroken down versions of the numbers, they’re much more drastic and extreme.

The 15/6 is quite likely about relationships but because it leads with the trailblazing, egotistical and stand-alone 1 (number of achievement and success) followed by the freedom-seeking, heart/emotion based 5 in the weaker (inner) position, it means the focus is a bit more ruthless, like ripping off the Band-Aid instead of getting caught up or falling for the drama, etc. It’s not ice-cold energy but it’s certainly about holding your own and standing up for yourself and what you need.

This is even more evident because the 15/6 is followed by the 16/7 which is the number that is all about turning the chapter or page in a big way. It’s an ah-ha moment kind of truth-revealing, shock, and awe rather than easing into it gently. You’re taking care of business in relationships that are lingering for no particular reason and serving no one. This can mean relationships of all kinds, of course (friends, family, co-workers, lovers, etc).

The fun doesn’t stop there either. The last three days are equally intense. You’ve got the peak of the cycle (8,9,1 days) but the 8 is the 17/8 (7 brings contemplative energies) which makes the intention setting and bringing your abundance to fruition is more intense and dramatic. The 9 day follows but as an 18/9, it’s intensified high change energy (9 is highest change number) because it leads with the achievement ego number 1 and backed by the doubtless, assertive, independent and wise 8. Those are some incredible energies to combine with the highest change number.

Lastly, the 1 day ends the week and as the “new beginnings” number it’s actually a 10 before it reduces, giving it a focus on communication (10 is communication number) and the energies of heaven (0 is symbol of spiritual awareness) and earth (1 is first physical plane #) colliding. It’s a POWER week all the way.

Be careful and alert because it could sweep you off your feet or you could lose your “balance” and get flustered along the way. You want to keep a smooth rhythm going to perfectly orchestrate an amazing week of drastic movement. For some signs (not you), it might be a little much. (best days 20, 24)

The 15 will really assist you in making changes (1 is pioneering energy) but from a place of heart/emotions or your intuitive side, which is never wrong. Remember, the first and quickest answer is always one that comes from your intuition. If you have to hesitate or “think” about it, it’s not coming from the right place to guide you where you need to go this week.

The 27, likewise, leads with the sensitive and intuitive 2, driven by the search for “truth” as 7 is the truth-seeker, the teaching/learning number. As you can see, as a water sign (intuitive, sensitive already), they’ll help you really hone in on and access your intuition at a deeper level in order to take full advantage of the incredible energies of the week ahead.

It’s going to be an unbelievably awesome week, Scorpio.