Sagittarius Predictions January 28th to February 3rd 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Prediction

  • 28

Sagi, we’re moreproud of you than most of the other signs this year. You’re like the “forever kid” of the zodiac but you’ve really grown into your own this year.

As much as you’ve had learning lessons involving past, present and future relationship connections, it’s more about your relationship with yourself now - It all starts with self-love, Sagittarius. Where do you sit with that one, truthfully?

That’s what this week is absolutely focused on. Instead of career (5) and relationships with others (6) you’ll utilize the power of the heart/emotions 5 and the relationship number 6 to take an up close look at yourself and then a distance snapshot of yourself as well (second half of the week). It’s overall about finalization though and incorporating those knowings of yourself because you have not one but two 16/7 (turn the page, door-closing energy).

It’s a finalization week of coming to terms with and fully embracing the new, improved you, Sagittarius. Truth be told, we secretly believe you’ve done much of this week already but you’ve yet to reveal it to us, completely.

We’ve caught glimpses but this week you’ll lay it out all out in full color and it’s as magical as thought it would be. No surprise here, honey. We always knew you were a special kid, anyway. We never doubted that, only you did.

This week it’s time to reveal it all, be vulnerable to judgment and criticism (if any) and then you can fully accept the new you and move on, locking and loading it by the double-whammy, “close-the-door”, 16/7 at both the midweek point and the week’s end.

You’ll be so satisfied with the outcome this week, Sagi, guaranteed. Don’t be afraid of acceptance, we think you’re brilliant in many ways. You’ve always been a shining star of the zodiac.

You’ve just got one lucky number this week Sagittarius and that’s perfectly fine. You don’t need much to work with because it’s more about laying it all bare than about changing things, for the most part. The 28 leads with the passive, sensitive, intuitive and supportive 2.

It will very much assist you in having a leaning post or support system to allow you to be vulnerable because that kind of depth of feeling is surely new for you, Sagi.

The 8 in the inner position, isn’t bold, assertive or independent but more quiet and steadfast wisdom and knowledge. Perfect for what you need this week. It’s just one lucky number but it packs a powerful punch in your world this week.

Use it, lean on it, grow with it, engage it and ask it to assist you in your evolution into true vulnerability. Less running now and more confronting issues.

Way better, Sagittarius.