Sagittarius Predictions January 21st to January 27th 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

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Sagi, no longer do you run away when things get tough. That was your old MO but now you’ve discovered running from everything eventually catches up with you, and so it has.

The end of last year you really learned the lesson that sweeping things to the side and escaping to have a good time instead is not the long term answer you’re looking for. Things are starting to come back to haunt you and that’s not what you had thought would happen, until now. Reality has come crashing down and you’ve come to terms with the fact that you have to now face things head on.

It’s a harsh reality for you because you’re definitely not used to facing problems head on. This is a totally new path for you, indeed. Scary, too. Some signs will just experience the first two days associated with relationships (the 15/6 and 16/7 days) but for you, Sagi, it will be all week long, like a relationship boot camp, putting you through the motions and testing your upper limits. It’s more than just relationship testing, it’s more about the whole gamut of communicating and interacting with people in all ways. You’re kinda starting from scratch, in many ways when it comes to your communication, interacting and understanding of others.

Mid-week is high change but a different edge with the 17/8 (a contemplative abundance/manifestation day), the 18/9 (high change with the highest change number 9 but it has a solid, supportive, wise and doubtless 8 to sit between the pioneering 1 and the high change 9, which gives it solid force that it normally doesn’t have.

The 19/10/1 day that ends the highest change days of the week is really concentrated on the 10 (communication number) for you. It’s not about new beginnings (1) but how to create a sensible and meaningful dialogue with others.

Sounds basic but for a Sagi who hasn’t really fully participated in it, it’s harder than it looks.

Don’t worry though, it’s your time to get it and so you will. (best days 21, 23)

Sounds like you’ve got some basic lucky numbers this week but really, the power isn’t so much in your lucky numbers now, it’s in your choices. Your lucky numbers this week will compliment your mission with the intuitive, supportive, sensitive and passive 2 to give you the ability to step back and away without necessarily getting sucked up in the drama too. You just want to see what makes them tick in terms of their MO. Minus the drama.

The 2 will support and assist you with that.

The 3 is there to also support you by keeping your head above the water with its cheery, inspirational, imaginative and easy-going social butterfly energy. Without its presence, I’m not sure you’d survive the “deep-diving” you’re about to do next.

It’s way out of your element and comfort zone but it’s a necessary evil because you’re at that level of evolution, Sagi.

It’s time, over-time, actually.