Sagittarius Predictions February 25th to March 3rd 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

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Sagittarius, you’re actually starting to makeus proud with your willingness to cooperate and get the job done each week. You’ve had some hard lessons thrown at you this month, but you’ve been a trooper about it, for the most part. This week (the final days of February and even entering March) is going to be a bit of a different cat. Its focus is different than the previous weeks this month.

The first day is a “grace day” where you’ll get to stop for a moment to regroup, breathe, relax, and just be with yourself without having to fight your way out of a “box” of any kind. The week will primarily be built around the 3, 4, 5, and 6 days. The first two numbers, 3 (thought-focused) and 4 (foundation checklist) are the change agents for the 5 (seeing clearly your path/purpose) and 6 (relationships one more time!).

It’s a week of decisions with regards tofine-tuning of the meaning, direction and pruning back of what is helping and what is hindering your success in the matters related to purpose and relationships presently in your life. It may sound deep, but it’s really simple and practical at the core.

It’s not about who you necessarily like or don’t like as much as it is about deciding who’s good for you and who’s going to foil your plans (either accidentally or purposefully). Completing this will be like taking a load off your back. I promise you, it will be a refreshing change of pace and a great way to enter into the Month of March as well. (best days 1, 3)

The 5, is both about career and career/purpose development but it’s also the number of the heart and emotions as well as the freedom of expression number. Sounds like a little too intimate, like before, however, your patience in relation to dealing with people this week, could cause you to make rash decisions before having all the facts down pat.

This would most certainly cause a chain reaction and set you off for the month of March on the completely wrong foot. We don’t want you to do that, Sagi, so here are the hints you need for a successful week, so listen closely!

First of all, the intellectual 3 and the foundation-adjusting 4 are guiding energies for the career/purpose 5 and the relationship-oriented 6.

They will offer their best traits to give you the opportunity to distinguish what fits in your life now and what doesn’t. It’s a pruning week, but carefully choose why the “branches” need to be trimmed (or not) before making your final decision.