Sagittarius Predictions February 11th to February 17th 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 38
  • 64

Sagi, it’s the final round in the ring. You’ve done well staying put and dealing with your stuff head on. We’re all very proud of you as we understand this is a huge learning curve for you and would have taken sheer willpower to resist the temptation to flee the scene. Guess what? You’ve made it to the end! What’s left of the layers upon layers of past emotional hurts, traumas, unresolved situations, lingering love, etc. is but just a bunch of rumble at the bottom now.

A final dredge through and you’ve got it made in the shade. You’re whistlin’ Dixie. Before you say, “Phew!” you should know that these pebbles could contain some of the biggest hurdles to work through thus far. Don’t let the size of the package fool you, Sagittarius. Big things can come in small packages.

Remember, this is the deepest part of the layers, therefore this final section has been buried away the longest and you know what that could spell. Take a deep breath and jump because the net will appear for you. Trust the process.

Once you’ve put in the sacrifice and hardship part of the week and close the door (16/7) permanently, you get to jack it up several notches to “sunny” instead of “rain clouds” and have fun re-inventing who Sagittarius will be for 2018. Who are you now? You’ve changed so much yet you haven’t stopped to pay attention to the new, improved you.

This Sagittarius wants different things, different people, a change of pace entirely. By far, you’ll be the most interesting case in the zodiac to watch the unfolding process. Have a grand adventure this week, Sag, exploring new opportunities, avenues and pathways to take.

When you once would have gone left, now you might just go right. We’ll see soon enough! (best days 15)

The 38 is the powerhouse of all numbers. It’s the only number combination (as a Life Path Number in particular) that has a huge aura or energy field. When a 38/11 walks into a room, everyone knows it and feels it on some level. The mission of the 38/11 is always big and global – no small potatoes here! Combining the “anything is possible” social butterfly 3 with the assertive, doubtless, confident, independent leader “knowledge bearer” 8 is a win-win no matter which way you look at it. Work it to its full advantage, Sagi. You’ve got superhero power in your lucky numbers this week.

The 64 is a little less exciting but still holds a lot of power in its own right. The creative visionary 6 allows you to see the entire scope of things from an “aerial view” to take in the whole picture at once. This visionary gift this week will be a godsend because you’re not quite sure who you are or how to start discovering the new you yet. Following the 6 is the solid, stable, foundational 4 to keep the visions of the 6 driven from a place of practicality and showing you doable and implementable ways to achieve what you want.

The one caution is that if the 4 starts to dip into the negative, it could create a sense of impatience and the desire for instant gratification because seeing the whole picture can make you want it all right now.

Especially for you, Sagittarius.