Sagittarius Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions January 14th to January 20th 2018

  • 20
  • 42

Sag, you’re not one to overthink things, you prefer to do first, think later (or not at all). Your MO is mostly action-based but you’re also smart enough to know that life has ebbs and flows, as we’ve learned over and over last year.

This week is somewhat of an ebb for you, Sagittarius. For some signs, it would be more of a flow week but it’s a little too docile for you. It’s much more about introspection than action-based, that’s for certain. We know you don’t particularly enjoy going too deep and will take most opportunities to sweep something under the rug to deal with another day or time but you’ve learned that this doesn’t actually work as well as you’d hoped it would. It has to be dealt with sooner than later and comes crawling out to tug at you. It’s best, as you know, to deal with things as they arise now, instead of your usual method or course of action.

This week, it’s about taking a hard, long look at all your stuff, up close and personal (and in intricate detail). As painful as that sounds at face value, it wont be nearly as bad as it sounds, I promise you. It will be a great experience for you to practice how to delve into issues to deal with them before they fester or get out of control to the point of not being able to be saved.

This is actually your path/purpose you’re examining so it’s extra important you pay attention and follow the flow of the energy and how it’s directing you. It’s really only the first three days that will strive to pull you into the depths of your heart and soul for the truthful answers to everything. Then a break in the middle (20/2) gives you a chance to regroup and gather your thoughts on what you just experienced and at the depth, you’ve experienced it (not all that used to it, we know!).

The remainder of the week gives you a chance to right your wrongs. As an unofficial “avoider”, it’s quite an accomplishment for you to go through the first part of this week and actually fully participate in it whole-heartedly. It goes to show just how much you’ve truly grown, Sagittarius. More than we even though and more than you ever thought. It’s a bit of a “wow” moment for us all.

A memorable week for sure. (best days 14, 20)

The 20/2 is such an ideal number for you because it keeps you in a subdued and submissive or passive mood as the 2 is the number of support, passivity, sensitivity, intuition, harmony, cooperation – amplified by the symbolic zero (symbol of the infinite or spiritual awareness). The calmness it will provide youwill keep your impatience, fear, and uncertainty at bay long enough to gracefully move through those first three days (where the lessons of the week lie).

The 42 will keep your feet on the ground as the practical, solid, stable, foundation number takes the lead and the sensitive 2 is in the inner position. Be aware that this 2 could possibly take a dualistic stance (flipping from co-dependence and independence) and may become more of a burden to the stable 4 than a supportive force.

Remember though, Sagi, it’s up to you how you use the energy so watch for signs the 2 may be slipping into the negative side and catch it before it gets there.

Easy peasy.