Sagittarius Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions August 20th to August 26th 2017

  • 25
  • 30

As a natural go-getter, a highly emotionally and inward-pointed week can make you feel somewhat awkward, like a fish out of water. No one would really think to say that a Sagittarius is “in the box” but your wild-child ways are often devoid of the more sensitive side of life. If you’re honest, you’re a lonely creature and sometimes find yourself yearning for closer emotional connection. While we’re laying it all bare, your high desire for an action-focused life can often be a way to keep busy or distracted so you don’t have to feel that emotional void you frequently feel creeping up from within, even derailing your plans, at times.

A little warning before the week begins: Be prepared to walk the week “naked”. You can’t hide from the intuitive 2 as it “knows” all and will shove it in your face until you resolve pressing and/or timely issues that may be interfering with your evolution and growth. Admittedly, you’ve been avoiding the sensitive issues for quite some time this year so be prepared to work hard this week, Sagittarius.

There’s a time for fun and games but there’s also a necessary time to deal with pressing problems as they can only be ignored for so long. You’re a go-with-the-flow sign but what about the ebb and flow of life? It’s time to redirect your attention to the ebb now, Sagi. In doing so, you can look forward to your reward of clearing the runway for a smooth take-off again. (best days 23, 26).

The 25 is comprised of the two most sensitive soul plane numbers, taking you deep into the heart and soul of your emotional self - and this number doesn’t stop there. It also adds to the deep, philosophical number of truth (2+5=7) to strip you bare and lay all your cards on the table. If you’re looking to your lucky numbers this week as a scapegoat to get out of the inward focused sensitive stuff, you’re tough out of luck, Sagittarius.

Moving on to the 30, it gets even more in-depth and complicated. The 3 alone is a mental-based number, the gateway number to the mind plane. Enter stage one, the zero…and wham! You’ve got a 3 that turns into a deeply empathic and feeling number with a huge weakness in the self-doubt and self-criticism department. I know, that doesn’t sound at all like you, Sagi, but you’ve got some Skeletons in your psyche that no one ever sees but you know they’re there.

Despite your strong, confident and carefree exterior, you’re a sensitive bug who can get hurt easily but never show it. This is how emotional baggage is created, my friend. Time to go to the baggage claim to pick up your excess luggage and dispose of it.

Your darker, secretive side is admittedly one of your qualities that intrigues others to discover more, but trust me, it’s not worth having such a heavy burden of mystery to disguise and carry around all the time. If true, carefree freedom is what you seek, this week’s path is laid out for you to walk the journey to get there - the right way.