Pisces Predictions January 28th to February 3rd 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 23
  • 44

Pisces, a lot like Leo, you were a bit of an emotional mess (less a complete mess in many areas, like Leo) in the early parts of the year but as you grew into your own in the past many weeks, it’s been a 180-degree shift for certain.

We’re all actually in awe of the new Pisces that emerges from the “crash and burn” ashes. You were like a phoenix arising from the ashes. As delicate as you may appear due to your emotional dominance, you’re far stronger than many of us realize – but now we do.

This week, in a similar fashion to Aquarius, is somewhat of a showcase week. The first part of the week will be about showing us the delicate and intricate craftmanship of the piecing together of the new and improved you.

The second part, you’ll walk the catwalk and show us the full version of all of you, in all your glory. This would have been a tough situation for you in the past, Pisces, but you’re ready to lay everything bare and say, “take me as I am, or not.” Call it maturity, accumulation of wisdom or something else but a definite shift took place where you don’t concern yourself any longer with the opinions, beliefs, outlooks and the life of you.

You’re only concerned with how you feel about yourself now and that’s an unfathomable amount of growth, Pisces. You take home the award for 2017 for “Most Growth.” Don’t forget, there are a couple of finalization days thrown into the week where you’ll not necessarily shut the door but rather we’d like to call it “solidifying” things in your world.

This way you’ll feel safe, secure and confident to move forward in leaps and bounds. Pisces, you’ll be like tiger in so many ways this coming year. We can hardly confine our enthusiasm for you and what it will do to benefit the planet as a whole.

It’s big news when a feeling sign garners this much growth and momentum at the same time. 2018 is your year to make it all the way! (best days 29, 31).

The 23 is a sneaky little number because it starts out with the passive, supportive and sensitive 2 in the lead but with the often times “bipolor-ish 3” in the negative mode or position, it can lead to self-doubt, self-criticism and indecisiveness.

The key to this number is to catch it before it goes into negative 3 mode and keep it in the positive traits of optimism, inspiration and imagination. The sky’s the limit with the positive 3 and the supportive 2. Keep that in mind as you move through your week, Pisces.

The 44 can potentially be another tricky situation. The 4 is practical, grounded, solid, stable, and foundation building energy. In multiples though, it can turn into a materialistically driven energy that seeks instant gratification in the form of material possessions, money, power, greed, sex, or any of the guilty pleasures in life.

With your present mindset though, Pisces, we’re confident you’ll keep the double 4 out of the gutter and focused on a double dose of solid, stable “doing” power to get the job done swiftly and in practical fashion.

Think of the speedy work you could achieve with double positive 4’s? Wow!