Pisces Predictions January 21st to January 27th 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 47
  • 51

Pisces, the last year has been nothing but astounding in terms of what you’ve accomplished. You went from a chaos of emotions, only a Pisces could decipher to a harnessing of emotions that top Leo, Aquarius and even Cancer. You’ve got quite a handle on what makes you tick now and it has produced some awesome side effects.

Your self-confidence has grown by leaps and bounds, you’re embracing your personal power in all ways and your ability to navigate life through your emotional self (your natural element) has turned into a fine-tuned art only a Pisces could produce. It’s truly a miracle, to say the least and we know you’re as proud of yourself as we are of you, Pisces.

Frankly, it makes yours and our lives easier now that you’ve got a handle on those strong yet chaos-level creating emotions. This week is first of all, to showcase your talent at showing us you’re truly mastered the plaguing relationship challenges you’ve had much of your life thus far.

The relationship number 6 followed by the turning the chapter 16/7 gives you the opportunity to do a “curtain call” on it all and let the world know you’ve got it all under your wing now. The rest of the week will put you through the paces of other areas of life from manifesting what you want (via your honed emotional self) to evoking with ease and the wisdom of your heart, change on almost every level of your life (at least some fine-tuning all the way to big changes, depending on the situation).

You’re given a day of rest first (20/2, introspective, not action-based at all) before you end the week with the imaginative, inspirational and social butterfly 3. It surely seems that you definitely do get to showcase every single piece of the new and improved you this week, Pisces.

We’ll enjoy the show as much as you enjoy performing it. (best days 23, 26).

The 47 brings in the structured and practical “doing” (4) but also the contemplative, deep and philosophical side of the 7. It wants to make you put thought into your decisions and really feel it to the core before deciding yay or nay.

The 51 leads with the emotional 5 but because it’s in the outer position, it’s strength qualities shine through. Those are of course, love, compassion, clarity through the heart, sensitivity and vulnerability of the heart/emotions.

With the 1 in the inner/weaker position, instead of it being and ego-dominant, stand-alone, trailblazer, it acts more like an anchor for the 5 to go out and shine its positive light while the physical-based one holds the fort.