Pisces Predictions February 25th to March 3rd 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 24
  • 76

I can’t stress it enough how you totally win the award for “Most Progressed” over the past year or so. You’ve managed to not necessarily harness your emotions (can that really be done?) but become one with them to the point you flow with your soulful self so well, it’s nearly a merger of sorts. You’re completely able to read your emotional body and move, shapeshift, create, destroy, rebuild, and make pretty well any kind of choice by working just through your dominant emotional world. How you managed to “read” that jumbled mess of emotions you appeared to be not so long ago (when you were always struggling with muddled emotions causing you to be anyway but right side up).

This week’s real focus is simple and not as complicated as it might look. This week closes out the emotionally dominant February and ushers in the more mentally dominant 3. You’re about to basically perfect what you’ve been working diligently at for the past year with respect to understanding and merging with your emotional body.

This week you’ll be cutting back the last of the bramble bushes that may be keeping any part of you from going with the flow and continuing to flow. As the shark needs to keep swimming or he’ll die of suffocation, you need to make room in your life’s path for those people, places and/or things that could potentially sabotage (whether directly or indirectly). If you feel it’s time for it to move out of your life, then stand firm in that decision and make it so.

The intellectual and analytical 3 with the tangible shifting 4, you’ll be able to address any and all things in the categories of career/path/purpose (5) as well as the number representing the starting, ending and/or changing your focus, position and direction in relationship connections of any and all kinds. You’re not necessarily the confrontational type but you’re Intune with your intuitive self so much now that you can’t help but heed the huge heart/soul tugging’s you feel to accomplish this week’s assignment as you “know” how dire it is to your future next steps.

Get to work, Pisces, we confidently believe you know exactly what you’re doing. (best days 27, 2).

The 24 is a number of perfection for you this week. Guided by the intuitive force of the 2 and reinforced by the solid, stable, grounded physical doing 4, becomeseven more poignant when you also realize that the two adds to a 6 (2+4=6), the motherly nurturer, the creative visionary.

Seeing the bigger scope of thigs is importantwhen deciding the fate of your connections with people and things you hold dear or not. The 76 takes you deep into the lair of truth and authenticity (7). Getting to the root of the matter is getting to the truth of the matter.

The grand scope vision of the creative visionary 6 will offer you the chance to see with crystal claritywhen things must turn out the way they do. The 7+6=13 and 1+3=4. This base number vibration carries the basic vibration of the entire week – to be that ”4” in essence, to make the necessary changes required of you this week.

No one ever said live was a walk in the park, Pisces. You should know that better than anyone.