Pisces Predictions February 18th to February 24th 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 5
  • 59

Pisces, as the most emotionally volatile sign, it could potentially be a disaster zone for you with a mosh pit of intuitive, sensitive 2’s you’re almost ready to drop head first into this week. I’ll give it to you straight, Pisces, it’s ultimately up to you how you let the energy affect you. Ironically, as the most emotional sign, you have the most power over your emotions.

How is that you ask? Within you is a constant storm of mixed feelings (some of them not even your own as a psychic sponge) but only YOU have the ability to calm the storm and defrag the “mess” at it appears to others. To you though, it’s not a mess, it’s more of something that you just leave unchecked, partly because it’s a lot of work to sift through but also because you’ve been so used to living in a state of misery, that it’s actually become a bad habit you’re living.

These 2’s may act as a catalyst of monumental proportions to literally jolt you “awake” like an electric shockwave. Once again, you’ll be able to see the “light” of day and beyond the muddy waters of your own inner turmoil. Mind you, it’s gotten so much better over the past while but you’ve honestly got the most sludge left of all the signs (but rightful so, it’s not your fault as the one who holds the most emotions).

This week is going to be utterly enlightening and transforming in a magnificent way that you can’t possibly imagine just yet. So, go ahead, Pisces, dive in without fear. It’s all good from this viewpoint and all other angles. (best days 18, 24).

The 5 is a funny number to get just whenyou’re about to take one of the biggest jumps you’ve taken in a long while. The work you’ve been doing has been mostly in small spurts and steps but this is a week of literally jumping off the cliff, not knowing exactly where, how, who or what you’re going to hit on the landing. I’m reinforcing it again, Pisces.

Although a 5 as a lucky number seems like it could do more damage, it’s actually givea gift of further clarity of emotions. When you’re down amongst all those 2’s this week, you’ll be able to find and read all the breadcrumbs from the universe (coming in the form of messages, signs, from people, places, things that you have to look for or might miss).

The 59 is an even bigger gift, believe it or not. Again, the gift of more emotional and soulful clarity combined with the humanitarian side of the 9 (since it’s in the inner or weaker position, it’s less about change and more about selfless service and big dreamer). It will add amplification to the compassionate, caring 5, further encouraging it to be fully open (clear of vision) and expressive (number of freedom of expression).

Pisces, you have arguably the hardest path of all the signs (emotional signs have more challenges or tend to) but this week is one of the biggest highlights of your past year, hands down.

It will give you a quantum leap forward, without a doubt.