Pisces Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions April 23rd to April 29th 2017

  • 2
  • 56
  • 78

When you’re a psychic sponge like you are, it’s easy to be bombarded on a regular basis with other people’s “stuff”.

Sometimes you don’t know if you’re happy, sad, mad or glad.

When a quiet week creeps in, it’s easy for you to get lost in its safety net.

Use this week to clear out any baggage you might have accumulated over the past few months. You’d be surprised at how much you really have. (best days 23, 27, 29)

The 2 of course is a no-brainer with its intuitive prowess. It will help you to make sense of what’s yours and what’s not and let go of what isn’t. The 56 brings clarity (5) while giving you the ability to see the bigger picture (6).

The 78 shows you the truth (7) while the 8 helps you learn from those truths. It sounds like a pretty deep week and it is. Use the energies to the best of your ability, Pisces.