Pisces Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions June 25th to July 1st 2017

  • 25
  • 30

Pisces, there’s a side of you that hasn’t come out to play in a long time but this week it definitely will. The different combination of energies will make for an interesting Pisces this week.

You’ll be more playful and less uptight. Not everything is perfect but it doesn’t matter to you this week. You’re enjoying the unknown and the excitement of what is to come next each day. The energies have got you excited and curious which leads you to be adventurous for a change.

Usually you’re hesitant to try new things but not this week. (best days 26, 29)

The 25 is the “Peter Pan Syndrome” so you’ve got a little sparkle in your aura this week. It gives you a sense of delight and curiosity to try new things and venture into the unknown.

The pure 30/3 is like pure liquid delight as the social butterfly number takes hold of your emotions and thoughts. You’re in it to have fun and step outside of the box. Instead of the hesitant Pisces, we have the sunny, happy-go-lucky side of you shining through. It’s a sight to see.