Pisces Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Prediction January 14th to January 20th 2018

  • 24

Well, Pisces, you’ve always been deemed the “emotional mess” but you’ve come so far so fast that we can’t really tell where you’re at now. This week will put you to the test and then some. It will drag you into the depths of your emotional turbulence and see how well you can maneuver the territory. Show ‘em what you’re made of, Pisces.

You might just out-do Aquarius for reaching a new level of emotional grow, understanding and personal control. Of all the signs, you’ve come so far, Pisces. It’s been brilliantly amazing from thestartto the finish line at the end of 2017. What’s left to accomplish in 2018? We’re about to find out soon as this week will take you through yourpaces and push your buttons in all the right places as you sink deep into the depths of your soul, touching areas that may not have been touched in a long time.

How will you handle it? We’re curious to find out but we also think we know the answer already. Your emotional control we’ve already caught glimpses of near the end of the year show a Pisces that can handle an incredible amount of diversity in the realm of your personal emotional storm within. Only you can truly understand it all but you’ve done a magnificent job of decoding it all. It’s actually a feat of wonder, Pisces.

This week, show us more than just a glimpse. We want to see the full load in all its glory. Like a hurricane to us, it’s very understandable and relatable to you. Show us the way, Pisces.

Tell and teach us how emotional self-control is really mastered in true form. (best days 17).

The 24 can be perfectly balanced or exceptionally chaotic, depending on how it’s used. The 24 is actually the 24/6 (2+4=6) and the 6 is referred to as the number of extremes, with its strong positive and negative sides. In the positive, the 24 exudes support, sensitivity, intuition, passivity, cooperation (2) as well as solid, stable, foundation or feet-on-the-ground energy that acts as an anchor.

The 6 is positively the creative visionary who can not only see the grand scope of things but also connect the dots for others when they can’t see things for themselves. However, in the negative, the 24/6 could be a nightmare. The 2 becomes dualistic and flips easily from co-dependent to independent while the 4 is impatient, material-focused (physical-focused) with a self-absorbed physical (instant gratification) essence.

Lastly, the negative 6 can be brutal with its “number of extremes” pessimism, critical and judgmental thinking. It’s like a negative vortex of negative thought processes of all kinds that can suck you in so deep, it can often take the efforts of someone else to pull you completely from its clutches.

This is serious stuff, Pisces. Be extra cautious of that 24/6 and how you exude its force because it could go all wrong really fast. We have faith in you that it will be all in the positive, though. You’ve got your stuff together now.

No worries here anymore. Right, Pisces?