Pisces Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions August 13th to August 19th 2017

  • 7
  • 58

Pisces, you’re often looked upon as the more fragile one in the zodiac (even above sensitive Cancer) but you’ve grown so much in the past several months, you’ve almost turned out to be the wise sage of the pack. Not to mention your newfound sense of knowing and confidence with utilizing and relying on your greatest power: Your emotions.

A river can seem unpredictable with its flow and direction but once you get to know all the rocks, bumps, crevices and irregularities of all kinds, it’s easy to determine which way the water (emotions) will flow regularly. This transition into self-mastery of emotions is your key to unlock your full personal power and potential.

We all know that August is a month of ambitious abundance and going after our goals with gusto but this August marks a major milestone for you, Pisces. A line drawn in the sand dividing your life into two pieces: Your “old” way of operating and your “new” way. (best days 13, 16).

The 7 is all about sharing truth, revealing truth, teaching truth and learning truth. It is truly the wise sage number of numbers. It learns these truths through personal experience, often involving hindsight learning (the best and fastest way to learn/integrate an experience).

Pisces, your week is filled with revealing your own truths, the final pieces of the puzzle to unlock the door to self-love, self-trust, real personal power and self-certainty. Wow, that’s a whole lot of stuff to come together all at once. Talk about overwhelming times, Pisces, but in a very good way!

The 58 is the cherry on top with the number of independence, confidence, assertiveness and doubtlessness (8) to back up your emotional self (5) all the way. The “ugly duckling” is unfolding into a beautiful, graceful and proud Swan. You’ve earned it, Pisces so go ahead and flaunt it.