Pisces Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions December 17th to December 23rd 2017

  • 8
  • 12

Pisces, you used to be looked upon as more of the “push-over” sign that was dominated by “chaotic emotions”. Well, this year has been mind-bogglingly life changing because you’ve come into your own in one big way: The chaotic emotions have disappeared and been replaced by a smooth flow of emotional equilibrium and understanding, yet it has been much more about doing it for you than trying to impress anyone else.

You wanted to get it together so your life would continue to move forward instead of always taking the unnecessary scenic route. It’s true that our emotions are our emotional compass in life but it can also be our worst enemy when we don’t understand our emotions or can differentiate from yours and all the other emotions you pick up along the way. Even standing in a lineup at a checkout can leave you with unnecessary emotions that aren’t your own and can cloud and confuse you as to how you feel. Are you happy, mad, glad, sad, etc? Sometimes it was hard to tell and your life continued to often go in circles and it didn’t have to.

What has been your biggest achievement this year was to step full-on into your emotional flow. This allows you to protect yourself from the emotions of others and remain centered in your own emotions only. In this way, you know how you feel and can use this as your best guidance tool ever. You’re now a master at navigating life based on how you feel rather than the sense of utter confusion you’ve spent a good deal of your life living in, struggling to understand and “find” the real you in the midst of all the jumbled mess you called your emotional self.

Just so you know, Pisces, the emotional signs have the hardest life challenges so for you to master this to the degree you have this year is a major success like you aren’t even truly aware of fully. It’s a big deal, as you’re about to find out when 2018 hits. You’re pretty much ready to roll now.

Well the confident, assertive, leadership, doubtless, independent, knowledge-bearer (8) is a given as a lucky number as you enter the 3rd week of the last month of the year. You’ve earned your stripes to bear this number’s energy, that we have no doubt about. How you use it though, won’t be in a dominant way but in more of a quiet self-confidence that others will sense and respect wholeheartedly.

It’s often what’s unspoken that’s more important than any actions or words can prove. You have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself and that’s the way it should be Pisces. You’ve nailed it completely. This is TRUE confidence.

The 12 is also so very ideal for you at the moment as it recognizes and appreciates your work in the area of bringing things full circle, bringing things whole and complete (12), unifying (1+2=3, number of unity) parts of yourself that were a major contributor to your chaos. You’re a whole person now. It’s made a world of difference in your actions, behaviors, perspectives and developing new ways to handle, cope and gain hold of the reins of your emotional body and assist others in gaining an understanding of the “why” of their own emotional chaos as well.

You’ve come a long way, baby. If there were a Hollywood award for this, you’d be the winner. Maybe we’ll nominate you for an Oscar this year, Pisces ;)