Libra Predictions January 28th to February 3rd 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 59
  • 72

Libra, you’ve been a bit too righteous lately. It’s not becoming of you at all. We’re not used to that from you, Libra – so what’s up?

This week’s focus of realigning ourselves with our ideals of what we envision for career and relationships will really help you reexamine your situation and understand why you’ve been in a place of defensive mode for a while. You’re like a wild kitten in the forest, hissing at those passing by, but what you really want is a soft, gentle hand to nurture and save you. This behavior has been more of a defense mechanism than anything else but there’s nothing to require you to need armor or protection – it’s all in your own “what-if” stories you often feed yourself.

Thankfully, your career path is laid out fairly well so the energy this week is honed in on your relationship connections, particularly related to how you see others and their intentions toward you. You’ve learned the big leaping stone of the fact that there are various forms of equilibrium and balance and that’s been a harder thing for you to digest but you did it – for the most part.

What’s left is to recognize why you’re so defensive (first part of the week) and the second half of the week, to discover the bigger picture and how you got there, what to do about it and how to implement it.

Sounds easy enough but you’ve actually got a lot on your plate this week, Libra. Be grateful though that you’ve been given this one last chance to set it all in equilibrium which is what you love most. In fact, your career targets this coming New Year will very much be focused on becoming the “meditator” in full swing in order to teach others that they need to “speak” the other person’s language in order to understand their sense of balance/equilibrium with a situation and what makes each side comfortable (and how to make that work together).

It will be a fascinating area of exploration for you but first, you need to get a handle on your personal standpoints emotionally and mentally. It’s really about wrapping your head around all that you’ve learned so examining it first from a detail-oriented perspective and then a wide-lens view will cover all your bases to overcome your personal challenges with all that you’ve experienced this year and assimilate it fully.

Don’t be discourage by how much work it sounds like, you’ve totally got this one and it’ll be a breeze once you become engrossed in it completely. (best days 31, 2)

The 59 is obvious – too obvious that it might not need much explanation at all. The emotional/heart based 5 is in need of changes (9) but more from a self-love or “humanitarian” perspective, which is what occurs when the highest change number 9 is in the inner or weaker position. It becomes the docile, selfless service, self-loving, self-nurturing 9.

The 72 is a bit more complicated as it leads with the deep and truth-seeker number 7 which often wants to stand still to contemplate for a moment before deciding. At the same time, it can be a leap first, think later number also.

The 2 in the more negative slot (inner position) could cause the 7 to rebel (7 doesn’t take advice well from others) and “act out” making crazier choices and rash decisions. Be mindful of the two sides or aspects of this number and be sure to keep that 7 in check by first contemplating your decisions before leaping.

As much as you know the net will appear, it’s in your best interest to think things through in order to “get” the lesson before moving on to the next one.