Libra Predictions January 21st to January 27th 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 10
  • 24

Libra, you’ve been a bit of stubborn cat lately. You’re sometimes unbending for the wrong reasons and it has something to do with your desire for equilibrium but since you’ve been learning how to view what a sense of equilibrium means from others’ vantage points, it’s come into your limelight to see the meaning of equilibrium in other ways.

However, it doesn’t mean it’s been easy on you to accept these new viewpoints easily since you’ve had one andonly one viewpoint for most of your life so far. Obviously, taking a look at the week’s vibe, relationships and turning of the page on this stuff starts the week.

For you, Libra, it’s gaining that solid understanding finally of the viewpoints of others’. It’s a big deal, actually. In fact, while other signs may close the chapter on most relationship stuff on the first two days of the week, you’ll also use the middle of the week, which is intent on high change, to further integrate and assimilate the lessons you’ve acquired throughout the second half of 2017 in terms of other views of what equilibrium or balance means to a non-Libra.

The break in everything comes near the end of the week with a self-reflective pause in the 20/2 day, your day to unjumble it all and take it in, as best you can. The final day is idea-focused, but for you, Libra, it could mean a chance for you to put yourself in the shoes of others through your imaginative abilities which is a big part of the 3 energy (the last day of the week).

This is an important part of completing your understanding, integration and acceptance of a multitude of meanings when it comes to balance and equilibrium. This is all new for you, Libra, so we understand it’s taking time.

Don’t rush it despite any feelings of pressure to “get it.” It’s all on your time table. (best days 22, 27)

The 10 is obvious here. The 10 is mainly about down-to-earth communication (earth guide who leads through casual conversation). Here it indicates your need to communicate and express your lingering questions about the perspectives of others when it comes to balance, equilibrium and bringing the pendulum into the “comfort zone.”

Don’t be afraid to ask! You can’t understand the perspective of others just by guessing – you need to ask questions and lots of them.

The 24 is the number of supportive intuition followed by the practical and grounded 4 but they also add to the creative visionary 6 (2+4=6). This means you need to get amongst the people (intuitive 2, grounded 4) in order to see the bigger picture of their vision (6).

It’s rather easy, Libra, once you figure out what you truly need to do to get it finally and completely. It’s an important week, that’s for sure. Follow the directions to a tee.