Libra Predictions February 25th to March 3rd 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 8
  • 70

Libra, you were a mess for a moment there, when you lost sight of your visionary skills. The week starts off just for you then, with a pure 20/2 day. Nothing much in the way of “doing” outwardly but as that day turns into the 3 (imaginative, inspirational, social butterfly), the foundation shifting 4, the path/purpose focused 5 (clarity of your dreams, goals and life purpose) and the relationship number 6 (yet again, ugh!) come into full swing to form the middle of the week, you’ll have your hands quite full, Libra.

This week is a bit different though in that the focus isn’t typical. If you keep in your awareness that the 5 and 6 are in fact centered around the actions or choices that the 3 and 4 make this week, you’ll soon realize that what you’re focusing your thoughts on (3 is gateway number to mind plane) and the actions you take based on those thought processes (4 is the foundation-shifting “doer”), will directly affect the positioning of the 5 (career/purpose) and 6 (relationships).

The focus? Well, who, what, where and when do things fit into the master plan? It’s detail-oriented, we know Libra, kind of dry and boring for your liking, but a very necessary evil before you really start strong into 2018.

Once you’ve moved through those three imperative days, you get to close the door on it all (16/7 day next, 180-degree shift number) and seal it with a kiss using the last day of the week, the 8, to manifest whatever your heart desires from this point forward – your reward for a job well done.

Make sure all your chess pieces are in place before you make your next moves. That’s the theme of your week. (best days 1, 3)

The single 8 is confident, assertive, doubtless, independent, wise and holds strong leadership qualities. It’s a “knower” number, meaning it just knows what it knows without knowing how it knows (it’s the most active soul plane number and has a direct link to the spiritual realm, channels information). This lucky number is truly one lucky number for you this week, Libra.

It will give you the final push to move through those three mid-week utmost important days but also extract the necessary wisdom and knowledge (8 is the number of wisdom/knowledge) you need to assimilate and understand the lessons to be dealt out.

The pure 70 is intense but exciting. It will take you to the depths of the truth to discover precisely what you need and want – no messing around here. The 7 is the deep, philosophical number of truth, the truth-seeker, the teaching/learning number. It is an extremely contemplative number so it will very much assist you in digging deep within yourself to make sure you make the right choices for you this week, Libra.

Plus, that 7 is also amplified by the zero, putting strength behind the number. Of course, there’s always strength in numbers but when a zero puts its weight behind something, you definitely get the hint.