Libra Predictions February 18th to February 24th 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 11
  • 22

Equilibrium is a highly intuitive art. To find it for yourself and also help others is a gift, Libra. You’re more adaptable than you give yourself credit for and this week we’re about to see just how much you can shape-shift and bend significantly. You’re one of the only signs who isn’t in a state of fear about entering the zone of the jumble of 2’s everywhere you turn this week.

Your work as the “balancer” has always involved the intuitive power of the 2 so it’s not foreign territory for you at all. In fact, you’re actually looking forward to the significant increase in intuitively infused 2 energies. This is very much required for you right now, Libra, as you’ve been struggling with regaining your sense of all that you’ve learned about the vast array of differences in preference in regard to equilibrium.

The former Libra had a narrow vision of what it meant to have equilibrium and that was simple “in the middle.” You’ve discovered, to your surprise, that too comes in all shapes, sizes, and outlooks. You’re actually excited because you’re about to get your groove back after derailing for a bit. It’s as if you had amnesia and this week’s intuitively abundant overtone will allow you to see clearly into the depths of your heart, emotions, and soul to reconnect with or regain the knowledge and wisdom you’ve gleaned recently.

You’ll finally feel whole again. The week is, overall, a “recharge” week for you, Libra. Plug in and get charged up so you can get fully and completely back in the game.

We’ve missed you. (best days 18, 22)

The 11 is the Master Number called the “Spiritual Guide” and it can also be referred to as the power number, depending upon how it’s used. Since there’s so much self-reflective 2 (soul-searching) energy floating around this week, you probably won’t be able to help yourself with some of the self-reflective stuff popping up on the scene (possibly at unexpected times or unwanted times, but your soul doesn’t follow a timetable).

In terms of the Power Number, it can mean that the huge amount of clarity gained through a bombardment of intuitive 2’s, will allow you to swiftly pull everything together you’ve been wanting to make work because you’re able to see clearly the pathway ahead for miles.

The 22 is almost like a sick joke from the universe because it just adds to the overabundance of 2’s this week but there’s a silver lining with this number – It adds to 4 (2+2=4) and the 22/4 is called the Master Builder. It is the practical, stable, solid, trustworthy, loyal, hard-working 4, led by not one, but two intuitive 2’s. This means that anything you’re building during the week will have the added bonus of clarity and insight into the how and why of it all.

You’re not just building blind or on high hopes and wishful thinking but from a grounded and practical place led by your own inner navigation system, the heart and emotions.