Libra Predictions February 11th to February 17th 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 22
  • 37

Last week, you temporarily lost your way with your new sense of equilibrium and started to revert back to your old ways and patterns. It was an unnerving sight but we knew you’d come back around so true panic mode didn’t set in right away.

This week is your chance to redeem yourself and regain your footing on that open vantage point on what equilibrium can be. It's not just balanced or being “centered” in a logical sense, it’s being centered in a way that’s right for the individual. You’ve come to understand and accept that concept and now it’s time for you to take it back, wholeheartedly this time.

What remains this week of your unresolved relationship chips hasmuch to do with that very issue. You not accepting their desire to have equilibrium set in a different way than your previously held belief of what it was. Now, you can spend the first and second days of this week, putting to rest and gaining anunderstanding why the situation went down they way it did (the first day is the relationship number 6). That’s enough to lay it to rest for good. Of course, you do just that on the second day using the volatile, turn the page hard, 16/7 energy. It’s all about getting to the truth of the matter but in a shock and awe way. Ripping it off like a bandage rather than sugar-coating it.

Be prepared for some possibly traumatic and/or disturbing realizations – but these could change your world for the better, fast (keep in mind). The truth shall always set you free. Libra, then, after that first hurdle of the week, the remainder is all yours to create, create, create. You can rebuild your own vision of equilibrium through deciding what your life includes or doesn’t include. That’s really what balance (aka equilibrium) is all about. Have fun, Libra.

You deserve some fun because, to be honest, you’ve kinda been a stickin the mud for a bit (when you usually don’t take life so seriously). Glad to have you back, my friend! (best days 11, 17)

Whoa! What a powerhouse number to start out with as your lucky number! The 22/4 Master Builder is first up on the block with its two “intuitive reindeer” 2’s leading the solid, stable, foundation-building, “doer” number 4.

The 22/4 is all about big foundation shifting, perspective-shifting in a 90 to180 degree format. It’s a go big or go home number. When the 4 is led by a double whammy amount of sensitive, supportive and highly intuitive 2’s, the “doing” is easy because the 2’s make the decision and the 4 brings it to life. It’s an amazing trio at work. The 37 has potential to hinder things a bit so watch this character. Although it’s led by the inspirational, imagination, optimistic, sunny, bright, social butterfly (3), the 7 in the inner (weaker) position could create added distrust to subdue the cheerleader 3 enough to ground it or even put it out of commission altogether (depending upon how strongly that negative 7 is allowed to be brought out). Libra, you’re naturally one to be trusting and easy-going rather than skeptical so we have total faith in you, now that you’re emerging from your funk, that you’ve got what it takes to keep that 7 subdued as the simple“wise sage” that adds knowledge and personal experience to the jovial 3. A cakewalk for you, multifaceted Libra.

I know, you’re thinking, the last thing I need right.