Libra Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions January 14th to January 20th 2018

  • 30
  • 72

Libra, you’ve been quite a tough cookie lately. That’s not your style though. Wherever or whenever you picked up this “bad mood” doesn’t matter but you need to ditch it as soon as possible and get back to the Libra we say evolve over the past many months. It could possibly be from adjusting to your new vantage point of how equilibrium and balance aren’t as black and white or as narrowly visioned as you saw it to be for so long.

That can take a moment to adjust to so we’ll brush off this moodiness for a bit longer to give you time to work out your kinks. However, it doesn’t give you the right to lash out at others or do/say hurtful things to them. You can be irrational and reactive when you’re in an emotional/mental state like this.

Watch your motives and actions (think before you speak/act) in order to keep this adjustment period mostly to yourself. It’s ok to ask for support but don’t demand or force anyone into your world right now unless they willingly want to and are well informed of the situation.

Knowing that equilibrium comes in as many shapes and sizes as people do is quite a difficult task for a Libra to comprehend instantly after such a lengthy time of believing “one size fits all.” 2017 has been a huge learning curve for you so we don’t expect you to adjust to it smoothly and perfectly in order. Integration of our experiences also comes in all shapes, sizes and methods.

Respect yours but don’t blame it on or pawn it off as someone’s else’s problem – it’s all your own, Libra. The beautiful part is the fact that you have swung the door wide open in terms of your depth of understanding your language of balance. Your “vocabulary” and knowledge of it all has just expanded 1000% percent. Congratulate yourself for that, please, Libra.

This week, take it slow and steady, don’t rush through it or you will get into that “bad” space all over again. This week could potentially bring you out of it as it will give you a vastly different visionary position than you’ve experienced before. It will yet again open your eyes to more new possibilities. Remember, if you rushit, it will cause frustration, if you take your good ole’ time, it’s a journey of acquiring more knowledge and wisdom to bring into 2018 with you.

I know which one I’d pick, Leo. (best days 18, 20)

The 30 is your saving grace of a lucky number this week. Thankfully, the pure 30/3 has a one-track mind and that’s to uplift and inspire (as the number of imagination and inspiration). Buyer beware though since the opposite side of the pure 30/3 (in the negative space) is mostly zeroed in on the qualities of self-doubt and self-criticism. That’s definitely NOT what you want to do, Libra since you’ve come so far in the past many months.

Backtracking is not on the agenda in the least. Be focused on the positive qualities of the 30/3 at all times during the week because any pure number (a number followed by the zero) is an amplified version of the number so it can be a powerfully positive or negative version of itself and quite high intensity.

The 72 will hold back the reins a bit because it leads with the self-reflective, deep, philosophical number of truth, the teaching/learning number. Many churches are built, just “coincidentally” at a 7 location more than any other address (the sum of the digits in the address reduced to a single digit). It’s a number meant to take you deep into a journey within, a solo journey of illumination and exploration.

It’s a slower vibe in this form of the number, but the 2 that follows could throw a bit of a twist into things if you let it go that route. The 2 is normally supportive, gentle, sensitive and intuitive in the positive but in the negative, it can be dualistic – swinging from codependence and independence (clingy/needy, then wanting to go its own way).

It’s imperative you keep that two on the positive upswing for the week or it could wreak havoc on things in a big way. It’s surprising to say that an unassuming supportive and sensitive 2 could turn ugly, but it can. Just as all numbers have both a positive and negative side. It’s just up to us how we want to use that energy.

Choice is everything, Libra. That’s also the whole lesson with the balanced insight you’ve learned – everyone has a different definition of it.

That’s ultimately what you’ve been trying to rectify within yourself and come to terms with and you have the opportunity this week to do just that.