Libra Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions June 25th to July 1st 2017

  • 50
  • 57

As a natural mediator, you’ve seen both sides often but this week, the energies will test your patience factor with others. Remember, they’re going through the same energies but in a different way than you.

You’re an experienced mediator and balancer – almost a shapeshifter in a way. You can navigate energies that most can’t so this week will be an adjustment as you move along but you’ll have a much better handle on them than those around you.

Expect to be the go-to person who will be the shoulder to lean on. It’s your job to show them the way, Libra. This is a part of your life’s work that you love. (best days 27, 29)

The 50 is a powerful number because it amplifies your feelings and your clarity of a situation (5) plus the zero also amplifies any number it is attached to. This is a sign to use your intuition to move through the week and don’t second guess your decisions.

The 57 will help you analyze (7) both your own emotions and the emotions of others to make the best decisions possible.