Libra Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Prediction August 20th to August 26th 2017

  • 34

You’ve had a tremendous amount of shifting going on lately and out of it, the biggest realization was that your desire to always seek “balance” in some way can come across as stubborn, rigid and sometimes downright unapproachable. You often look like the “Grumpy Gus” of the zodiac when in fact, if you’re balanced in your own skin, you’re meant to be the supportive mediator who can easily swing to both sides of any situation to gain the best vantage point of each.

Thankfully, it’s hard to hold up a rigid or stubborn mask when in the midst of a week filled with the sensitive, emotional, intuitive, passive, supportive, peaceful and harmonious 2. With each day having a minimum of two 2’s (sometimes 3!), balance is restored to the Libra we know and love. Unfortunately, since you’ve spent some time in more of the “negative zone” lately, you’ve attracted someone into your midst that has been manipulating you purely for their own benefit and because of your imbalance lately, you didn’t see it coming from a mile away.

The 2 essence to the rescue, Libra! A soul plane focused week will always bring out the true colors of those that are pretending to be someone they’re not. Kick them to the curb because you have no tolerance for negativity. Balance is your happy zone and you have no interest in spending much time swung too far in either direction, let alone the negative one. You can smell a rat when they’re near, especially their hidden agendas.

“Partnership” and cooperative energy is your natural equilibrium point so now that you’re back in that comfort zone, all that you were temporarily blinded by becomes crystal clear. (best days 21, 25)

A single lucky number is all you’ll end up needing this week, Libra. The power of the inspirational and imaginative 3 will propel you out of that negative space and into the energy of the number 4 with its solid, stable, foundation-based equilibrium. As you can tell, Libra, this week has a lot to do with many signs struggling to rediscover, reinvent or simply remind themselves of who they truly are and realign with that essence once more.

As the natural mediator or balancer, waste no time getting back to work once you’ve accomplished your goal or lesson for the week. We need your services desperately, Libra. We know how much you love to feel wanted and needed.

This week is definitely yours to stand up and stand out.