Libra Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions March 19th to March 25th 2017

  • 7
  • 36

Balance doesn’t always work in your love life. There’s a need for give and take and at times that can require an unbalanced vantage point.

You’ll be thrown into the lion’s den and laid bare to be vulnerable without your ability to be balanced.

It’s a learning curve for sure and to live unbalanced for the sake of love means it’s a love worth pursuing. Spring is in the air and you’ve got the nesting feeling.

Follow it, Libra. (best days 21, 22, 24)

The 7 is an uneven number that lays things bare because it’s the deep, philosophical number of truth.

The 36 brings in inspiration and a sunny disposition (3) but also the creative visionary (6) to see the bigger picture. It’s important that if you have to let go of control on your balancing abilities, you have the wherewithal to see the greater scope of things.