Libra Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions December 17th to December 23rd 2017

  • 40
  • 56

One thing you’ve been learning this month so far is to be more flexible in how you view your sense of equilibrium. You’ve discovered that in the middle isn’t always the most favorable sense of balance for everyone, sometimes not even you, Libra. However, it’s also taught you something unexpectedly pleasant. You have a huge range of positions within your comfort zone of equilibrium and you can utilize them by choosing the best pairing for any given situation. It’s truly opened the door for you in terms of your expression and range of assistance you can offer to others. It’s really been quite an ah-ha moment period for you over the last several months, in particular.

You’ve always had this talent but it’s really blossomed this year, just in time for the “power year” in 2018. There will be many around you that will instinctually seek out your natural ability to guide them to a sense of balance, stability and a solid platform from which to build the year from. You have an invaluable skill that will be in high demand from this point forward.

You’re sort of like Superman realizing he has super-human powers, there’s no turning back then. Libra, you love to be the mediator, the orchestrator, the guiding peace-keeper to help others find that middle ground, both within and without.

What’s left for you to do this year? Practice makes perfect so go ahead and put your newfound “superpowers” to the test at any opportunity. Then you’ll be more than prepared for hitting it hard, fast and large in 2018. A leader we would never have said about you before, Libra, but you’ve really grown into your own type of leadership as the year closes out.

Excellent job, Libra. (best days 18, 21)

The pure 40/4 is a powerful force because it’s the strong, solid, stable, foundation-building number (4) but highlighted and heightened in strength by the infinite quality of the symbolic zero. The 4 has become a very important number right now because it’s really the “bridge” energy. It illuminates and creates literally and figuratively a bridge from point A (dead-end job, life, you hate) to point B (living your dreams and passion).

Since the 4 is all about practicality, it shows you how to move from A to B in a step by step by step motion. Helping you understand that it’s definitely always doable if you bite off the right sized chunks for you to handle. The 56 can be a bit tricky because it has some unpredictable numbers there. The erratic and freedom-seeking 5 with the number of extremes 6 could goa multitude of ways.

You could use it to gain clarity (through the heart/emotions 5) and see the grand scheme of things using the creative visionary 6. In the more negative aspects, the 5 can be dominating and/or controlling and the 6, critical, pessimistic, judgmental and blinders on inside of its vast visionary skills dominating.

Remember, Libra, you are the creator of your reality. It’s your choice as to how you use the energy – always. The choice is yours, every time.