Leo Predictions January 21st to January 27th 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

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  • 6

Ok, so relationships have been a common trend for these past few weeks, at least a part of the week, anyway. This week is a mega-shift though, especially for signs like you, Leo. We know you’ve always had issues with relationship drama, not always your fault though, but it tends to follow you (likely because of your Leo grandeur, despite whether you’re standing in your power or not).

Leo, you have one of those energies that people want to bask in and tear down at the same time, unfortunately. The first two days of the week are first of all, a relationship focused day, followed by a turn-the-page volatile inner change paradigm shift. Whatever epiphanies you come to on the first day of the week, it will obviously require a chapter or page turning day to follow.

Time to leave more relationship junk behind you. The rest of the week is more focused on igniting your master plan setup in 2017 with the peak of the 9-year cycle (8, 9, 1 days). It’s clearly obvious that you’ll make some big head way because you’ve got a pure self-reflective 20/2 that follows these high change days.

You’ll come to a standstill for a moment but much of the last part of 2017 taught you about the “ebb and flow” of life, the pure 20/2 is an ultimate ebb. It wants you to pause completely to take everything all in fully and completely.

The last day of the week ends with the bright, sunny, inspirational, imaginative and optimistic 3. It would seem as though your week isn'tgoing to be too shabby in the end, Leo. That’s good news for a sign that’s often dealt some difficult cards more often than other signs.

Consider it a blessing to have more challenges and hurdles. It’s a sign you’re poised for a huge soul’s development leap in this lifetime, darling. The hardest life paths are the wise ones, the leaders, the authentic beings here to live and learn, then share their experiences with others to help them grow and develop too.

You’ve got a big heart, Leo. Never think that your struggles are a punishment, it’s truly a blessing in disguise, trust me. (best days 24, 26)

Leo, your lucky numbers this week are fairly straightforward for a change. The 4 is basically the most grounded “doer” number, the foundational building, solid, stable, loyal, trustworthy, practical number. Sounds a lot like you, Leo (maybe minus the practical stuff, lol!).

The 6 is the number of relationships and also the creative visionary (seeing the bigger picture). This week is about both – relationships but seeing the bigger picture of thing as well. The two numbers together form what I call “practical spirituality.”

The practical 4 but with the creative visionary (seeing the bigger picture of everything) to co-conspire with it. It’s an amazing combo, Leo, this week will turn out to me more magical than you think.

Wait for it, kid.