Leo Predictions February 25th to March 3rd 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 6
  • 46

Leo, we always empathize with you because we know the inner turmoil (although sometimes frequently self-inflicted or induced) causes you to suffer extra roadblocks and hurdles compared to some of the other signs. You have to keep reminding yourself that, although you’re not technically an “emotional-based” sign, you do have a large heart and wear it on your sleeve.

This leaves you extra vulnerable to matters involving the heart and/or emotions. You’re a sensitive bug and that can be a tough existence to lead. As much as you want to think of yourself as the tough, Lion, King of the jungle, hear me roar – you’re quite the softy too. Not so much the closer examination of the placement of the elements in your life of at the beginning of the week that will be difficult for you (in fact, it’s a change of pace, away from the emotions somewhat, that you might actually find enjoyable), it’s the middle two days of the 5 and 6 that will catch you up.

The 5, as the number of the heart/emotions as well as freedom of expression, followed by the relationship number, asks for you to go deeper to look into not only the people in your life but how they’re affecting your career path evolution (aka path/purpose). If they’re hindering you, they have to be made aware of what they’re doing to cause this and/or be removed from your life.

As a soft-hearted lion, this is going to be difficult to face head-on. You don’t like to be a mean person but there comes a point when you must draw the line in the sand to save yourself from imminent failure or disaster.

The last two days are the highlight of your week because you get to close the chapter, first of all, with the 16/7 and then end the week in a double 3-day (3-3-2018) but it also adds to an abundant, confident, synchronistic, manifestation 8 day. It’s time to request and bring to fruition the life you really want, Leo. We’re as tired of seeing you suffer as much as you’re tired of suffering.

Bring the noise, kiddo. You’ve got the power. (best days 2, 3)

The 6 opens the visionary and creative floodgates wide. What better tools to create with and also reinvent the wheel in certain spots than the pure creative visionary 6? It will also be your “caretaker” this week as the motherly nurturer (nesting energy, feels like “home”).

The 46 is very close to the single 6 except added to the front (and in guidance or direction shifting position, too) is the solid, stable, even-flowing, leaning post, foundational 4. As the number of extremes, the 6 needs positive, people, places and things.

The 6 (and you, Leo) are definitely in luck then because the positive 4 (in outer position) is like a bestie whose got your back every step of the way. This will almost guarantee that the 6 will remain in the leading positive state of being all the way through the week.

The sensitive signs may be going through the paces excessively, or so it seems, but it’s simply because examining life through feeling is the toughest game of life there is,