Leo Predictions February 18th to February 24th 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 10
  • 15

Leo, the week is going to make your knees weak, that’s for sure. You’re a softy (all heart) even though you have a lion’s roar and big pride. Behind that mask is a mushy-gushy mess of emotional turbulence. You’ve had the hardest time of the more emotional signs (not that you’re technically an emotional sign but you are in many ways) to gain a good grasp of your inner emotional chaos.

Just when you think you’ve got it, something comes in to knock you down a few pegs. This week is going to throw you for a real loop and then some. You may even get so low to the “bottom” that you feel as though you’re going through a “dark night of the soul” period. Even in your darkest hour this week, as you struggle through the sea of sensitive, intuitive, and support-focused 2’s, trying not to let them take you “down” (feel like you’re drowning in emotional chaos!), remember one thing, Leo.

Actually, this is something you need to carry well beyond this week, for the rest of your life. Most often, our lowest points become our jumping off points to bigger and better. Each time we get lower, we spring even higher each time. Don’t feel bad, Leo, I had my own challenges with this one but I now sort of look forward to the really low points because I know that soon, I’ll be soaring in a higher place than I fell from previously.

It’s exhilarating but fearful at the same time. You must believe that when you jump, the net will always appear. This is confirmed for certain if you always follow that big heart of yours, Leo. It will never take you down the wrong path or make a wrong choice for you.

Your quickest answer that comes to you is always that little inner voice called your intuition. LISTEN TO IT ALWAYS. (best days 19, 22)

The 10 is the number of communication, which will be vital in your rise or fall this week. When it comes to intuition, it’s often necessary to communicate what that little voice is telling you, as sometimes it’s not for you, but a message for someone else. Even so, sharing your intuitive hits with others allows them to give their vantage point on it as well. Sometimes we’re a little too close to the situation (our own situation) to truly read the messages correctly. It can be more muddled than the messages we get on behalf of others.

Communicate with those who feel like they will be a benefit to the insight into your inner guidance system (aka your intuition). The 15 will keep you plugging along at a steady pace with the pioneering, trailblazing 1 but if you look at it from another perspective, it adds further to that need and also desire to share your emotions surfacing, your intuitive hits and your insights with others.

The 1 is the verbal self-expression number and 5 is the number of the heart and emotions. There you go, Leo. A second opportunity to share and get your emotional baggage out and finally understanding it more completely, so you don’t feel like you’re drowning in it all the time. Imagine a Leo not caught up often in victim mode or a hot mess every other minute?

A proud, tall, Lion standing victorious and in a mood of self-control. That would be a sight to see and we just might see that this year.

Keep working at it, Leo. Often those with the hardest paths, are the most evolved spiritually. Keep that compliment in your back pocket.