Leo Predictions December 11th to December 17th 2016 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 16
  • 42

Your luck in love this year hasn’t been the best but here’s your chance to redeem yourself. Come clean with some of the skeletons in your closet and you’ll find how much that sets you free to move on up. There’s nothing like secrets to keep things stalled.

We know, Leo, you want to love and be loved so this will certainly be homework you won’t ignore. Heed the advice because it’s the best you’ve gotten all year.

Relationships are important to you, relationships of all kinds, which means coming clean on something things is imperative to mend old wounds and allow you to move forward from the stalled position. (best days 12, 15)

The 16/7 is a volatile inner change energy that wants you to be stripped bare for all the world to see. It will certainly help you with cutting to the chase and just ripping it off like a band aid.

The 42 brings structure and organization so it doesn’t feel so haphazard and the 2 offers supportive energy along the way. The universe has got you on this one, Leo. It’s high time you came to terms with your relationship stuff. It’s been a messy several months and you’re more than ready for a change of pace.