Leo Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions June 25th to July 1st 2017

  • 40
  • 66

Now this is the challenge you’ve been waiting for. This week will challenge you like no other. If you’ve got to prove yourself, this is it. If you can conquer this week than we believe you that you’re king of the jungle, Leo.

The energies of each day will bring out a new aspect of your personality and it depends on how you show that to others, how they will react to it. It’s like acting, Leo, which you’re good at.

How do you want to portray the character? You’ll learn a lot about yourself this week. (best days 25, 28)

The 40 will keep you grounded but at the same time, because there is a zero following it, it will help you birth the personality aspects you’ll see come out this week as zero is symbolic of infinity and the spiritual aspects of life.

The 66 will give you a great sense of vision of the greater picture but it could also cause you some trouble depending on how you approach its energy. The negative aspect of a double 6 is pessimism, critical and gossipy behaviors, glass half empty viewpoint. It can be very hard to escape the vortex of negativity that the negative side of the 6 can create.

So, the advice is to be sure you stay in the creative zone of the double 6’s and surround yourself with positive people, places and things this week.