Leo Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions July 23rd to July 29th 2017

  • 12
  • 55

Leo’s are naturally fun energy to be around and they avoid going within to deal with things like the plague. It’s not a fun or interesting thing to do for them even though they know it’s necessary.

This week will be different for you though, Leo. It will capture your attention and take you away from always seeking external validation. In essence, it’s a crash course in learning the art of self-love and therefore not needing to seek validation for other people, places or things.

Each day has a unique combination of that number and therefore will give you a looking glass into another side of things you’ve yet to see about yourself. It will pinpoint the areas where you need to let things go and show you how to build up your strength areas. You’ll find a new-found sense of confidence by week’s end, Leo.

It will all be worth the effort, I promise. (best days 24, 26, 28)

The 12 is the whole and complete (12) number of unity (3) and therefore it strives to bring things full circle, to connect the dots, to put the puzzle pieces in place.

The 55 is a double dose of heart and emotion energy but also it acts like a looking glass into your soul to see what you’ve been masking and tucking away rather than dealing with. It will open your eyes to many things you were oblivious too. Knowledge is power, my friend.