Leo Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions September 17th to September 23rd 2017

  • 43
  • 56

Leo, you may have the best intentions at heart but you’ve often had a disorganized and under-planned approach to your decision-making. Even though you have a big heart, you more often than not, cut your heart out of the equation and rely more on your mental faculties or outside influences.

That’s all about to change this week as you enter the third but pivotal week of the highest change month of the year. Much of the time you may feel as though things are harder for you to accomplish than the average person or you tend to have extra hurdles of loopholes to jump through to get to what you desire. It’s not due to the hand you’ve been dealt but the way you’re playing that hand. You’ve been living your life like a book smart nerd trying to be an athlete, for example.

You’re an emotional sign when it’s all said and done. Stick with what you know best and don’t try to be someone you’re not. Thinking or over-thinking your challenges just complicates the situation more for a feeling-based sign. Leo is known for having a big heart and that’s your truest strength area. No matter how crazy a decision or pathway may seem to your head, if your heart says “YES!”, don’t question – just DO.

The funny thing is, Leo, you’ve come to that point in your life where you recognize what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working so you’re willing to try a new way. Low and behold, this new way is discovering YOUR real way of operating in the world. It’s an ah-ha moment, to say the least. A breakthrough of monumental proportions.

Expect a swift and drastic life change in many areas of your life from this week forward – in most challenge areas. It’s like a dream come true so live it to the fullest, Leo! (best days 19, 21).

The 43 seems like a “play it safe” number because it leads with the 4, which has been known as the practical one, thus far. Yet now, the 4 is becoming the “bridge” energy for you and is a bit more risqué, in its own way.

The 43 is subtlety backed by the inspirational 3 so it has its very own cheerleader squad to keep it moving forward and without fear. This is the 4 seen in quite a different light for you, Leo. Trust it, don’t question it.

The 56 represents navigating with your heart and emotions (5) but from the vantage point of the greater vision or bigger picture (6). Together they form the creative and powerful “spiritual guide” number 11 (5+6=11). The 11 is multifaceted and it all depends on how you use the energy. Be sure to use it differently than you would have in the past.

Keep this forward change momentum going, Leo. It will be all worth it very soon.