Leo Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions November 19th to November 25th 2017

  • 49
  • 58

Leo, you can get overwhelmed more easily than some of the other signs during a high-intensity week. You’ll need to pace yourself and make sure that your focus is constantly where it needs to be (that you don’t wander off path frequently). Your emotions can run high and low and back again, very easily, making you a blatant target for overwhelming situations.

Even though the week will touch on most aspects of your life from career to health and everything in between, the main focus will still be on your love life or lack thereof. Your sensitivity and pride is still an issue that can get the better of you and cause you to shut down your heart for protective measures. Your pride might even be more of an issue than your sensitivity. You take great care to keep your pride intact and a wounded pride for a Leo is a devastating thing.

So, how does a Leo hold down the fort in a long-term relationship while maintaining a consistent sense of pride? You don’t. This is a week of epiphanies because you’ll finally realize that vulnerability is what has been lacking in your relationship connections. You need to appear “human” and proudly show that Leo heart, despite the risk of damage to your pride from time to time.

Relationships are a process of give and take. It takes two to tango and you can’t always know whether someone is going to damage your pride momentarily. Is the risk of a stab at your pride worth not loving at all though, Leo? Letting your guard down is the only way to a meaningful, happy and long-term success in a relationship.

This is a huge takeaway this week and a milestone of sorts for you. Be “proud” of yourself and let that great sense of pride shine through. Be the fearless lion you were born to be. (best days 19, 22).

The 49 is exactly the combination you need to keep the feelings of becoming overwhelmed at bay. With the practical, grounded and stable 4, the 9 in the “back seat” will take the 4’s lead and bring less chaos and drama change but more conformity and strategic change. Something you’ll feel much more comfortable with. It’s not that you’re afraid of change, it’s just that chaotic or random change equals the possibility of getting hurt and that’s when it gets scary for you.

The 58 is also a perfect situation for you right now because it allows you to explore your emotions and let them be free-flowing yet the 8 backing it will add a sense of doubtless confidence. It won’t guarantee you aren’t going to get hurt or wounded but it will make you feel like it’s worth it to risk it anyway and that’s exactly the takeaway lesson this week for you, Leo.

If you can get that one, you’ve nailed it to the wall and then some. It’s a tough one but a big one you’re meant to get.

The timing is now.