Leo Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions April 23rd to April 29th 2017

  • 35
  • 71

Leo, don’t pout. It’s not exactly a zinging week with lots of action going on but it is a week of healing and sealing up the holes in the master plans. Sometimes it takes a quiet period for you to really see what’s going on.

You’re going to find out what’s in the cracks and not all of it is a good thing. Clean out your cracks so you’re ready for the next phase.

You’ll feel clean as a whistle if you heed this advice. (best days 27, 29)

The 35 is a game of tug of war with the inspirational and imaginative 3 and the 5 in the negative position creating a situation of domination and control. There’s someone in your life who wants to control you but here’s your opportunity to realize exactly what’s going on.

The 71 is all about getting to the truth of the matter (7) in your own way (1). It will be a week of ah-ha moments.