Leo Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions January 14th to January 20th 2018

  • 7
  • 19

Oh Leo, as far as you’ve evolved over the past 12 months, we can’t lie to you and say that all is well with you now, You’re simply one of those signs that may always be a hot mess at times and the wise lion at other times.

This week may prove to be a difficult journey for you because it could potentially dig up emotionally buried things that you thought you had rid yourself of. Unfortunately, with more erratic and/or emotional signs, lingering emotional “baggage” isn’t uncommon so don’t consider yourself the odd duck out because others will have some of the same experiences this week.

There’s just something about the alignment of the numbers in this week that will really take you to a much deeper level than you ever imagined you could go. It will be shockingly profound but at the same time, there won’t actually be a huge amount of anything to change or shift, it’s really more about you taking that journey inward to view it from that angle.

It’s not your normal position in life to remain on the sensitive side of things as you’ve got a big heart and for protection, you lean to the safer side of practical and mindful stances. Therefore, it will be a rocky road for the first part of the week, with lots of self-reflective, deep and intimate learning about yourself.

Thank goodness you have the pure 20/2 or “day of rest” after those three intense days because you’re really going to need it to regroup and gather yourself up again. Treat it as a “ME” day and take good care of your mind, body, and soul – be ultra-gentle and non-judgmental with yourself all day.

Refreshed and rejuvenated, you can then finish out the last three days of the week which focus more on any potential last-minute changes you might desire to incorporate. For you though, Leo, it’s so much less about making plan changes and much more about gaining such a greater depth of understanding of yourself from the inside out.

Part of your often-chaotic life at times is due to your lack of understanding of the self. Now you’ve just gone through a week that gave you the gift of self-exploration like no other week has in a very long time. If you could sum up the week in one word for you, Leo, it would be “confidence.” You gained more confidence in you and your goals than anything else.

That’s your best takeaway from this week and the best takeaway for probably most of 2017/2018 so far.

What a gift! (best days 18, 20)

The 7 is an obvious choice as the deep, philosophical number of truth, the teaching-learning number and the number that likes to share its “stories” of life. This is a lucky number that will most definitely help to bring you deep into the depths of it all. It’s a catalyst for sure.

The 19 is a sneakier number though, so be wise to its shenanigans. Leading with the pioneer number but also called the verbal self-expression number (1), the ego and stand-alone side of the 1 can separate itself from the 9 that follows it, causing the 9 to become more of a “dreamer” than a change-bringer. This is actually the good side of the situation for you, Leo. The nastier scenario with this number is that the two could join forces (the 1 in the positive and the 9 in the negative because of the inner position), creating a change energy (1) but with a Negative Nelly spin on it (9 in negative is judgmental and opinionated black and white, right and wrong thinking).

Be ultra-careful you don’t fall for that trick because the 9 could have the power to do so since it is the most active change number above all else. We have faith in you though, Leo. You’ve grown a ton in terms of gaining control over your emotional-self enough in order to use it as an intuitive guidance system (which is what our emotions are meant to be used for).

Have faith in yourself that you’ve got this one without asking for assistance (because we don’t think you need it) but on that same note, don’t hesitate to reach out to signs you know who can support you through the week. There’s no shame in asking for help. That’s what we’re all here for. To assist our fellow man.