Leo Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Prediction March 18th to March 24th 2018

  • 50

Interestingly, this week will be bringing you some sensitive juices to spice up your senses. Leo is usually the avoider of sensitive situations but this week, you’ll be egging it on and asking for more. This is because it’s a softer, quieter, and more sensitive overtone. The softer side of each of the days’ numbers is like taking “Easy Street” for you, Leo. That’s because you’re a soft-hearted lion but there’s that one thing called lion “pride” that makes you ultra-touchy.

The more sensitive side of the numbers is like a soft cotton ball on your body but don’t forget dear Leo, the softer side of the numbers also comes with more emotional sensitivity too. That can spell trouble for sure since you’ve been through quite a bit of an emotional rollercoaster lately and it’s left you with a bit of a sour stomach.

Expect a meltdown during the first two days of the week. With the more sensitive version of the 5 (23/5) and the deep, contemplative version of the 7 that brings about rapid and often drastic inner change (16/7). The next several days are more serious change energy (typically) but this week their energy is best suited to “mindful manifestation” (8), big dreaming, selfless service (9), and the number of communication “10” or verbal self-expression (1).

The fancy bow on top of the week is the usually sensitive 2, but this week it’s co-dependent, dualistic, uber-sensitive (overly) but you’ve got it’s MO down pat. It’s handled in Leo style. (best days 19, 23)

The 50 would normally be a super-touchy number (the number of heart/emotions) plus the added zero to emphasize the message. Not this week though. You’ve got just one lucky number and although it’s a stand-alone number on its own, it’s a potential bombshell, if you allowed it.

As the number of the heart and emotions plus, freedom of expression, it could bea volcanic eruption of monumental proportions. Again, you’ve surprised yourself with the amount you seem to know about this incredibly emotionally charged numbers. It’s because you’ve been through the emotional ringer, bit by bit, over the past year and it has given not only knowledge but a thicker skin when it comes to emotional energy.

You finally have a grasp on it all and didn’t even realize it. This week has been your defining moment and you’re gonna nail it. #slamdunk