Gemini Predictions January 28th to February 3rd 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 34
  • 78

Thankfully, you’re one of those finicky signs, which, likely due to your dualistic sided nature, kinda likes a week that repeats patterns (in a weird way). This week will give you a double dose of opportunities to catch any last particles or pebbles that may derail your 2018 train on the tracks.

You’ve got big plans and “train ride” ahead of you this year so you’ll have enough patience this week to sustain repeating the same pattern twice. Can’t say the same for some signsbut at least for you, Gemini, you’ll breeze through this obstacle course with flying colors.

Relationships and career are yet again at the forefront because the universe needs you to get it and know that no rough patches can remain that could cause any friction from here on out. You totally get it, Gemini.

You’re one of the few signs that knows exactly the reasons why in-depth which is one of the big reasons as well that you don’t have a problem being put through the ringer twice in a row. You know the outcome being positive far outweighs the bothersome chore of repeat, repeat, repeat.

The first stage of the week has to do with some possible last-minute major foundation shifting in the areas of career and relationships. Again, you’re ok with it because part of you (one side or the other) has felt a need for a bit more adjustment required yet.

After turning the page on the 5 (career) and 6 (relationships) days with a 180-degree shift 16/7 to close that closest, sans skeletons now, you move onto the same 5 and 6-day cycle but this time the focus is a bit different.

This second round is more about creating new action or strategies for your plans going forward. It will allow you to see what and where in those categories you need to adjust things to fit the new year for 2018. Both of the 5 and 6 days lead with the pioneer, action-based 1 (14/5 and 15/6) which puts the spotlight on the success-driven 1. It’s a bit more “selfish” energy in a sense as it wants you to decide what’s best for only you in these scenarios but that’s why this is your path you’re analyzing, anyway, right?

You got this, Gemini. It’s already in the bag before the week begins. (best days 1, 3).

Your lucky numbers this week actually serve a purpose in the grand scheme of things.

The 34 leads with the inspirational, imaginative and optimistic 3 followed up or backed up by the solid, stable, practical 4. The 4 in this position can give way to a bit of “impatient” energy but other than that, it mostly serves as an anchor for the 3 to keep its feet on the ground and not float away with tangent thinking.

It’s great to dream up new ideas and solutions but it’s also necessary to do so from the perspective of a soul in human (or physical) form. This means doing it with your feet on the ground, so to speak. The 78 is an ideal number for this week’s lesson plan as it leads with the deep, philosophical number of truth, creating a scenario where you’ll be hesitant a bit in order to contemplate and review things before making any rash decisions.

The 8 behind the 7 isn’t the typical bold, assertive and independent 8 but more so the quite, solid, wise and knowledge-giving 8. It just knows what it knows and it doesn’t know how it knows it.

The 7 and 8 typically work very well in unison with each other because the 7 uses the wisdom of the 8 to contemplate decisions fully and completely, based on actual knowledge and wisdom.