Gemini Predictions January 21st to January 27th 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

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  • 8
  • 14
  • 21

Gemini, you’re often an unpredictable character, mostly because of your two sides (the twins) but we’re all creatures of habit in some form and yours (unfortunately) isn'tin the realm of relationships.

Relationships of all kinds make up a huge part of our learning curve as we take in bits and pieces of truth from others to assimilate with parts of our own (if we resonate with it). With your forever “dueling” sides, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish what you honestly want, need and desire in all sorts of relationship connections.

The trouble is, if you don’t know, no one else certainly will. It’s up to you to know this stuff and you’re about to get thrown into the lion’s den to lay out some major ultimatums and get to the truths of the matter in your connections with others in your life right now. You’re a little hesitant on this one and how it will turn out exactly but for the sake of happiness, you’re willing to give it your all.

The first two days are going to be blunt, in your face and slightly painful but you’ll get to see the true colors of those in your circle once and for all – with crystal clarity. You’ll get a glimpse into their motive as to why they even want to be connected to you and sadly, you’ll find several that have less than positive intentions.

This happens though, Gemini. People come and go in your lives and often we outgrow others and need to move on from them or they’ll end up holding you back. If you remain somewhat detached for the first two days, you can swiftly clean house and turn the page all in one fowl swoop.

For most of the remainder of the week, you can abandon the relationship scene for the moment and concentrate on the newness you can create now that these people/energies no longer have an influence in your life.

The freedom you feel is contagious and we love seeing you so happy and free, Gemini. (best days 25, 27).

The 8 is naturally the confident, doubtless, leadership, assertive and independent number. It will come in exceptionally handy this week for you, Gemini, to swiftly and effectively deal with the relationship situation, coming out as unscathed as possible.

The 14 will also give you the get-go (1 is the pioneer) but also the ability to communicate (1 is also number of verbal self-expression) effectively. Also, backed by the solid, stable, rock of a foundational and physical-based number (4), the 1 is pretty much unstoppable in what it can achieve in this case. You got it goin’ on, Gemini.

The 21 is leading with the passive, sensitive 2 followed by the ego-dominate and success-driven 1. Essentially, these two numbers are polar opposite energies as they represent the soul (2) and our ego or personality (1).

For other signs, this could pose an issue but for a Gemini who is used to dualistic sides to your personality, this is an ideal energy for the week to assist you in looking at things from two vastly different vantage points before making any rash decisions or choices.