Gemini Predictions February 25th to March 3rd 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 20
  • 46

If you take a quick peek below, not only does the first day of the week start with a pure 20/2, your first lucky number is also the 20/2! February is bound and determined to have you fully get the lesson to “follow your heart, not your head.” Your often (even arrogant at times) overly blunt and assertive personality is not the way of the docile, passive, peaceful and supportive 2.

It’s not necessarily that you need to convert to this type of personality, it just means that you need to fully understand both sides of the spectrum so that you can have much more empathy and a vastly larger vision of what makes others tic (and how the world truly operates in its entirety). It’s quite an eye-opening experience as well as a life-changing one. It’s not that you ever made a direct or deliberate attempt to come across as a bit of an aggressor (or even a bully at times). You simply weren’t aware of the other side of the fence on what level they’ve been operating from.

Many misunderstandings and butting of heads have occurred in your life over the years because of your lack of knowledge of the full scope of things. It can be as easy as that, Gemini.

The remainder of the week is based on that first day of 20/2 and its doubtless intuitive nature. The imaginative 3, the foundation constructing Master Builder 22/4 and the natural counselor 23/5 are all linked because the 3 brings optimism to the “builder” (22/4) to createsomething great while the natural counselor (23/5) reveals a clear picture of many levels of the past, present and future all at once while staying firm in the present moment.

Lastly, you hit on a very transformational 16/7 day. Normally we often say that it wants to turn the page but this week, the focus is more about each individual digit. The communication 1, the visionary 6 and adding to form the truth-seeker paints the story of your week in full color. (best days 26, 1).

Wow, someone wants you to get this really badly! Pow! You’ve got your first runner-up as the 20/2. Can you believe the chances of this?? It really acts as a constant nudge or reminder to keep your focus on your intuition (aka your emotions/soul). This hasn’t exactly been your comfort zone or go-to place thus far but the incredible overwhelm of the 2 everywhere you turn this month has put you in a state of hyper-awareness of that still, small, voice within that always has all the right answers.

Never have you been one to live in the realm or position of blind faith belief but when it comes to your soul, it will never take you to a place or put you in a position you either couldn’t handle or weren’t meant to be in.

The 46 is going to keep your feet firmly on the ground (4) while soaring the skies like an eagle to gain the best view of everything below. Perfection in terms of a number combination for youthis week, Gemini. Practicality (4) and having your feet firmly on the ground while at the same time part of you are airborne to take in the totality of the scope of the entire vision.

The most important reason for doing so is to gain an understanding of both sides of the table.