Gemini Predictions February 18th to February 24th 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 30
  • 77

Ok, Gemini, we understand that you’re a dualistic sign with “two sides” so that can make you flexible and easy-going, right? Well…sometimes. When it comes to dealing with vulnerable, soft, sensitive, subdued and passive matters of the heart/soul/emotions, you’d rather pass.

Unfortunately, like the rest of us, you’ve got to take a walk through the trenches too, this week. It’s an off-the-hook week of the invasion of the intuitive/sensitive 2’s so there’s no getting around facing your darkest emotions (full range, actually) and laying your heart bare for all to see. Sounds pretty darn scary, doesn’t it darling?

I won’t lie, the first part of the week will be a be shaky for you because it deals with intimately examining the depths of the core of your foundation, path/purpose (and its focus) and your stance in current relationships. It’s a lot at once, Gemini, but what you fear the most about this week (see all those 2’s!) is exactly what is going to get you through it all.

Relying on your intuition/heart/emotions/soul (all the same thing) to navigate the territory will have you smooth sailing through the first three days without much pain or suffering. Mid-week, you get to close that chapter, as you’ve looked at things from the depths of your soul, so there’s no doubt as to whether or not you’ve got things pointed in the right direction (and if not, here’s your moment to set it straight before you close the door on that phase for good).

The 16/7 in the middle of the week will not only allow you to move past the vulnerable part of the week, but it signals the start of the second half of the week which could also be viewed as the beginning of a new phase for you, Gemini. You round out the week with the best of the best – the 8, 9, and 1 days which form the Peak of the Cycle of Change.

You’re back on your game, manifesting all over the place (8 is manifestation number), shakin’ it up (9 is high change) and trailblazing (1) past the best of them. You’re high as a kite as you finalize the third full week of the most sensitive month of the year. You’re doing great so far, Gemini – keep up the great progress! (best days 20, 24).

The 30 is vital to your week, Gemini. You should thank your lucky stars (or lucky numbers, rather) for this particular numerical pattern as it will keep you in a positive spin throughout the week (or at least do the very best). The pure 30/3 is really only working one number as zero is more of a symbol than a number in mathematics. Therefore, you’ve got an amped-up inspirational, optimistic and imaginative 3 that will be shining a bright light on any darker crevasses for you.

Just when you think you’re going to the darker, angry, frustrated side, the pure 30/3 will illuminate the situation like the sun after a rainstorm. I honestly think, if it weren’t for this lucky number, you might not be as successful this week. Give kudos to the 30/3 for saving the day for you.

The 77 is a totally different story. The 7 is the deep, philosophical number of truth and it’s also referred to as the “leap before thinking number” as the most active physical plane number. In multiples, you’re guaranteed to experience some form of “hindsight” learning because when the 7 is not a singleton, its rebellious side (doesn’t tend to take advice well from others) is heightened. If you say left, it goes right (mostly just purely for the sake of spite or rebellion, it’s 7’s way or the highway).

This number could have you really butting heads with it because you’re a bit of a stubborn sign who doesn’t necessarily readily take advice well either. Yours may be more from a sense of curiosity than rebellion, but none-the-less, it’s going to have you fighting harder to forge your unique path when the multiple 7’s what to throw patterns at you, especially old patterns you’ve been trying to get rid of (and multiple 7’s like to do that repeatedly!).

So, there’s your challenge area for the week. It’s not those dreaded softies 2 at all, it’s the 7-army. Wearappropriate gear for the ring. Ding, ding, ding!!