Gemini Predictions February 11th to February 17th 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 8
  • 14

Ok, we get it, Gemini. You’re finished with relationships (we all are!). Remember though, that this is the final haul and the last dig into the crevices to finally close the door on many of your past darker areas with the relationships you’ve had throughout the years. Keep in mind, that doesn’t just mean intimate relationships, it could be family, friends, co-workers, etc.

The week begins with you head-first or knee-deep into the hole you’ve been shilling out over the past several weeks (relationship day of 6). The last of the crumbly remains are to be sifted through so you can be on the lookout for any and all remaining undealt with turbulence or turmoil. Once that thorough sifting is complete, the following day, is a glorious day for you, Gemini. You get to close the door (16/7, 180-degree shift, turn the page) and throw away the key to the doorway to that hole you’ve been digging out slowly and painstakingly.

You’ll be walking on cloud nine throughout the rest of the week and that’s just the right attitude you’ll need to keep. The focus for the rest of the week is vastly different in many ways but still ultimately related to the people, places, and things we keep connections or relationships within our lives. You will be in thoughtful and intuitive focus to determine, without a doubt, what you actually need in your life and what you don’t. You’ll be surprised how much your list of “needs” is weaned down and, subsequently, your “want” list will also dwindle simultaneously too.

What you’ll be left with is a small handful of vital people and things that matter most. Talk about getting to the root of the matter! It’s a little too up close and personal for you, Gemini, but you’ll cope and make your way successfully through it all. Learning something in the process as well.

Each time you go “there”, it will get easier to access that part of yourself (the more vulnerable parts). (best days 12, 16).

The single 8 is somewhat comparable to the stand-alone 1. It’s not as ego-based as the 1 but it is the doubtless, wise, leader who is assertive, confident and independent. It will give you that extra push when you need it most this week but most of all, as the “knowledge-bearer” number, it will be a piece you can draw upon to access the right information at the right time.

The 14 could be a self-sabotager for a Gemini so beware of this tricky, little mixed bag of fun. Leading with the isolated, stand-alone pioneer, trailblazer, number of new beginnings (often called the ego-based number as well), it is also the number of verbal self-expression. While it’s fine to express yourself verbally, Gemini, the 4 in the inner or weaker position could potentially push the 1 to say things of a superficial, selfish and even hurtful nature.

This is because the 4 in the negative (inner position) dwells more in the physical realm, where instant gratification, power, greed and selfish focuses are its distraction. If you feel that the 4 is taking the pioneering 1 there, be sure to focus on the positive traits of the 4 (solid, stable, practical, grounded, loyal, trustworthy) to keep the 1 on the up and up. If you can handle all that, you’ve got it.

Clear as mud, Gemini? I thought so.