Capricorn Predictions January 21st to January 27th 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

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  • 28
  • 79

Capricorn, nothing irks you more than to have to go backward and change things. You’re a forward ONLY moving creature at heart and the thought of delaying by reversing gears for a moment is disheartening to you, to say the least. You’re all about building upward and onward and rarely feel the need to “recheck” your work because you’re actually quite a perfectionistic sign if you want to really be frank with yourself. There’s really nothing wrong with that, Capi, since it does produce quality craftsmanship when it comes to building your empire but it also doesn’t leave any wiggle room for changes on the part of others, who may not be as perfection-focus and even wishy-washy or chaotic (which drives you batty).

The first two days of the week, unfortunately, have you going backward a bit to flesh out any missed or misplaced relationship aspects or flaws that should be rectified before you get too deep into 2018.

Reluctantly, we know you see the point in all of this but it doesn’t mean you have to like it. Surprisingly though, you’ll actually find some hidden thorns in your side that would have caused you much greater pain later, had you let them linger instead of unearthing them.

One of the best lessons you’ve learned from the previous year was to be more authentic, say no when you mean it (you had the tendency to say yes when you really wanted to say no) and it’s changed you into a much more confident, stand in your personal power sign, than ever before.

What you’ll dig up this week is mostly just a couple of “cling-on” peeps or “coattail riders” who’ve only stuckaround youforthe possibility your ability couldmanifest fame, success and fortune. At the end of the first two days, you’ll be glad you did have to revert course for a moment because these kinds of folks have become your biggest pet-peeve yet.

You’re all about working hard for what you have and you feel others should do the same for themselves. Once these people are taken care of and lovingly, yet firmly let go from your life and you turn that chapter for the last time (16/7 day), the next three days are spear-headed on manifesting something altogether different.

In your case, Capricorn, it would seem that newness is much more about attracting different patterns of people into your life for 2018. You’re not the same person you were when you started 2017 so it stands to reason that you need new and fresh energy in your stratosphere and that includes people more than anything else.

Your level of negative tolerance is subzero these days (same for stupidity) so it’s high time you shed the lower lying frequencies and replaced them with those that match the new you. The final day of the week leaves you on a happy note of the social butterfly 3. Now that you’ve brought new people into your world, it’s time to get to know them better so they can assist you (and vice versus) with building your unrelenting drive to build the ultimate empire. You were born for that sole purpose, Capi and you’ll be damned if you let anyone or anything stand in your way.

You’ve really come into personal power like a boss. #slayingit (best days 24)

The 28 is somewhat of a frustrating number for a Capricorn to make use of because it leads with the docile, supportive and cooperative 2. Yes, you can be all those things but, darling, you’ve become fiercer in recent years and passive energy isn’t your best lighting at all anymore.

The 28 also puts the normally independent, confident, assertive, doubtless and leadership 8 in the weaker position, causing it to lose its momentum in all of these areas. In that space, it’s mainly a steadfast wise one, a supportive piece of “armor” for the 2. BORING. So? What do you do with this 28, you say? Believe it or not, it will be an excellent tool for you to source out the clingers from the bringers, so to speak.

The 2 is the number of intuition and the steadfast 8 behind it is doubtless wisdom. Perfection for fishing out the snakes in the grass.

The 79 is much more exciting, mysterious and powerful for you. It leads with the deep, philosophical number of truth (the truth-seeker) but it’s also the “leap before thinking” number in its wilder sided version.

The 9 can also be the gentle, selfless service-focused humanitarian or the whirlwind highest change number, indicating the end of an old cycle (beginning of a new one).

Since the week ends on a positive note, the best guess is that you’ll use the more fast-paced, unpredictable versions of the 7 and 9 to inject some fun and thrills into a week you thought you’d end up hating all the way through.