Capricorn Predictions February 18th to February 24th 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

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You can sometimes rank right up there with Taurus for being opinionated and rigid when it comes to situations that rub you the wrong way or feel frustrating and/or challenging. This week will test your patience, temper, and tolerance on many levels. When we think of a Capricorn, we don’t necessarily think of someone who is naturally docile, passive or content to stay out of the spotlight.

Not that you intentionally seek out the spotlight but because you’re one of the two most successful signs in the zodiac, you tend to attract attention (and honestly, you’ve gotten used to it and when missing, you notice it big time). This week isn’t about the spotlight in any way, shape or form. In fact, it’s more of a lesson in modesty and humility than anything else.

The overabundance of 2’s (several in most days) will have your intuition on high alert but also your sensitivity factor (not so good, coupled with a tendency to anger fairly easily). When your emotions run high and erratic, you can make rash decisions and/or lash out when not appropriate. Keep in mind, Capi, the mission of the week is to learn to rely more on that sensitive part of yourself more often.

Trust me, by the end of this overdose of sensitivity week, you’ll know exactly what it feels like to be in that space with yourself. The first three days of the week will be touchier and focused on taking a look through the looking glass of the gentle 2 at your foundation, career and relationship status at the present time. Is it what you need and want? Are you geared up to achieve what you want based on what you see and especially feel in these three categories?

If there’s any doubt, the abundance of 2’s will let you know in a hurry. You’ll definitely feel it at the core of your being whether it’s right or wrong. Don’t fight it, darling. Your intuitive self, your heart/soul always has the right answer and will never steer you in the wrong direction. Keep that in mind and you’re golden. The mid-week brings the chance to shut the door or solidify where you’re at with those previously mentioned categories, so you’d better be certain before turning that page into the next chapter (phase).

The rest of week is a relief for you because you get the chance to enter the peak of the 9-year cycle of change (the 8, 9, 1 days) and finally get to make some noise and get busy in action mode again. In true Capricorn style. If you’re honest with yourself though, you kind of enjoyed focusing your visionary skills through the filter of the lens of the calm, quiet, subdued 2. It gave you the opportunity to experience the art of just BEING since you’re always full steam ahead. It was an experience that might have been a bit challenging at the moment but you walked away richer, and more grateful for having gone through it.

Life is all about living and learning, little one. (best days 21, 23, 24)

At first glance, the 1 makes me gasp for you, Capricorn. Why? The stand-alone, ego-dominant, trailblazing, success-driven, isolated 1 is in a category of its own, especially during a week of piles of 2 energy everywhere. It sticks out like a sore thumb because it’s quite the opposite of the two, it’s the exact opposite, really.

The blessing in disguise is the fact that you get to utilize the 1 as a gauge to not only experience and engulf yourself into the pile of 2’s but to have something to refer back to for comparison. You’re typically more like the 1 in some ways as the driven one, aiming for achievement and your goals.

The contrast of the 1 with the 2’s is drastic when you get to view them all at the same time. It’s eye-opening that you’ve been missing such an important piece of your empire building. Intuition will now begin to become more of a regular on your scene and the more and more you remember to rely on that still, small voice inside, the more exciting and synchronistic life becomes.

Now that’s worth any pain and suffering you might feel you’ve endured this week, Capricorn. The single 5 is quite straightforward. It’s all about how you utilize it though.

Will you venture into its positive side of love, compassion, empathy, freedom of expression or will you dip your paintbrush into the darker side of control, domination, emotional rollercoaster?