Capricorn Predictions February 11th to February 17th 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 12
  • 23

Depending on your other sign characteristics (as well as your intricate numerological makeup), you have the potential to be a bit overly masculine in your actions and attitude sometimes, even a bit aggressive (even male Capricorns need a healthy balance of masculine and feminine energy, as do all signs).

This week is no time for you to be curt or overly assertive. The first two days of the week need to be treated with kid gloves. Relationship “sludge” (the first day of the week is the relationship number), when it gets to the bottom of the barrel can be the vilest to address (and it could get ugly if not delicately handled). Don’t bowl them over but close the door quietly and gently (on the 16/7, as the turn-the-page number).

After you surpass those first two critical days, the remainder of the week is focused on careful and considerate concentration on what you really want in your life – people, places, and things. You’re not necessarily one to give a great deal of thought to the details, you just often grab for the nearest thing that will catapult you further. It’s not a “using” or “taking advantage” of the situation, just a mutual but very short-term agreement. You would never take advantage of someone, Capricorn. We know that.

This week though, you’re about to see things from a different perspective in terms of how you can best utilize the power of choice to decide in advance, who and what you want on your scene, thus minimizing the need to “grab and go” use of commodities. You’re about to, for the first time, plan ahead your “team”, so to speak.

What kind of people, places, and things do you need to be included in your various aspects of your path this year? That’s your task for the second half of the week. Think you can handle it, Capricorn? We’re sure you can.

Just behave yourself. (best days 13,17)

The 12 is the ideal equilibrium number to keep you in balance, not too blunt or curt and not to loosey-goosy either. That’s because the 12 is actually the 12/3 and is comprised of both the whole and complete number (12) which helps bring things full circle and the 1+2=3. The three is the number of unity and in a way, is a form of balance or harmony.

The 23 is a gentle soul and will contribute to a calm, cool and collected atmosphere. It will induce a peace-focused (2 is number of support, cooperation, sensitivity) environment with a dash of optimism (3 is number of inspiration/imagination). When we think of the hard-working, driven Capricorn, who often stops at nothing to achieve the path to the summit, the 23 seems a little on the docile side but that’s precisely what you require to keep you balanced and focused on the task.

It’s an intricate dance this week and requires you to spend more time on your intuitive self to make decisions. Somewhat out of your element, but not altogether foreign. There may be a moment of adjustment but you’ll easily step in and pull it all off in good fashion, like a true empire-building Capi.

You’ve got this week with your hands tied behind your back.